Washington state says Comcast stole at least $73 million from subscribers over 5 years


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And if I had a real choice for high speed internet in Seattle it would be awesome. But I don’t. It’s Comcrap or Century Link and Clink is still DSL speed.
I keep hoping for the municipal broadband to take off but considering the current climate I don’t have much hope.




Why am I not surprised?

I was able to switch to a smaller company and dump these bastards, yay!

Sucks that so many people don’t have that option.


Boy, howdy, do I love Comcast. They decided to bury the lines in our neighborhood. They didn’t notify us, didn’t talk to us when the techs they hired arrived, and they dug up our yard without permission and promptly cut the buried electrical fence I installed for the dog. Now they want to pass the buck to the company they hired. In the meantime, we pay for 50mb service, and get speeds of 2mb.

Fuck our corporate overlords, the selfish, profiteering pricks.


Comcast will pay a wrist-slap of a fine (which they’ll be able to write off their taxes) in the form of bill credits only available to customers who commit to lengthy service contracts.

The executive most directly responsible for the fraud will get a big fat bonus in two years.



Love that grin. Gross Pointe Blank remains my favorite comedy because of him. :slight_smile:


Ajit Pai’s FCC certainly placed its trust in the right companies when they rescinded Net Neutrality.


Are you me!?


Wait, no. That was AT&T for me, Comcast only overcharged me for the wrong plan every month (and eventually refused to change the error because this was clearly us trying to defraud them) until I switched services.


Million? With an M? That’s a rounding error, to Comcast.


That seems to be the shift in tactics now that NN was butchered. To remind people who was given the keys to the castle and why we regulate them in the first place. They are hoping to build up support for pro NN that way.
I’m not hopeful about that tactic though, as the problem was never public opinion, the majority of people were already pro NN, that isn’t why or how it was gutted.

…but maybe if enough outrage is stirred up, it will influence policy makers. here’s to hoping.


Initially when we moved to Ballard in Seattle we got Comcast as the place was wired up and we already had a cable modem. The internet started flaking our, so after some talking to tech support we upgraded the cable box, no biggie. After further connectivity problems about a year in, they wanted money to send a technician in to go repair the install to the triplex we were living in. I said screw it and got century link. Century Link worked well enough and a year later the owner of the place sells the home. The new owner wants to increase the rent 50%, but gives us some slack on moving. We move to a location that Century Link will connect with gigabit with a free install, but the owner absolutely does not want any new holes so the install is a no go. I sign up for Comcast again, this time with the technical assurance coverage they are being sued for. I install the equipment and the cable tv box is broken. Also the speeds are not as fast as we were paying for. I talk to them, explain that the box is broken and am not getting expected speeds. I tell them to go ahead and send a technician, since I am paying extra for a plan that is supposed to cover their faulty equipment… The guy comes out, determines the box is in fact broken, replaces it, goes outside to check the wires and then just ghosts us. Next bill, Comcast bills us for the “install” job they did… So yeah, fuck Comcast they deserve to lose this case badly.


Comcast charged me hundreds of dollars for equipment I returned years ago. When I called for a refund, the best the rep could do was to stop charging for the equipment on the current bill. She wasn’t “authorized” to refund me the full amount of the overcharge.
I’ve got news for the Washington AG. Comcast is exactly as deceptive as I think they are.


Not surprising at all. They better hope none of their customers are sitting on the Jury.


Depends on where you live in Seattle. CenturyLink has put in fiber in my neighborhood near Ravenna and they knock on my door every other day to remind me.


Well I know they have been expanding the last few years and one of the reasons they were crippled was dumb no show counts as NO votes for community review. They have to install utility boxes and a lot of people were all NIMBY about them. Me whatever yeah they are a bit ugly but can be painted up nice and gigabit internet is a good thing.


That’s a gutsy defence to try against an entity with as many accountants at hand as a state government…


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