Documenting the laughable lies the FCC told at the hearing where it killed Net Neutrality


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These shitbags.

Am I wrong, or did there used to be consequences for lying?




I’d say it was more that people were worried about being called out in a lie. Now thanks to many people its apparently acceptable to just shrug, deny the lie and move on.


Yeah! We’ve got them now! They lied and we can prove it! Now they’ll have to…


These lies won’t look good for the FCC once this promptly goes to court. In fact, they make the entire process illegal, as Cory points out.

But often, the “PR nightmare” is temporary, and consumers either adjust to the new pricing arrangement or defer the service altogether.

If allowed to do so, this is what I predict seeing from Comcast:
“Comcast is proud to announce amazing new cost savings for 2019!! Thanks to the changes from the FCC, you no longer have to pay your old $50/month rate! As of today, you can switch to our new $19/month Super Saver rate, with rip-roaring speed for up to 100 emails and 100 MB of internet per month – we see by your activity that that should be plenty for your household most of the time. Need more? Just jump to the next tier, our $79/mo Pro User rate to keep your current speed and limits.”


Almost everything on boing boing is depressing me today. Even that puppy video was rough.

I’m going to take a nap.


Boy that sounds familiar. Where have I heard of a scam like that before… Oh, every cell phone provider ever.

No, why could anyone possibly imagine that the bastards would do something like that?


End the monopolies and then maybe we can talk.

Big Gulp nearly-all-you-can-eat style broadband internet plans over-the-air can’t arrive soon enough.


But the FCC was created to manage a public resource, the radio airwaves. Why should it have any authority over information that travels over private wires? /s

(Meh, I shouldn’t give them any ideas.)


The FCC said that businesses wouldn’t abuse their positions to gouge their customers because of the ensuing PR nightmare.



Because it was turned over to them in 1934 from the ICC, which had overseen it since 1910.

ironically, the FCC was the primary agency responsible for the breaking up of AT&T and the Bell system into the multiple carriers that are slowly merging back into a singular entity. (AT&T has reclaimed 4 of the 7 ‘Baby Bells’, with Verizon claiming two and Centurylink standing alone.)


Exactly… The internet should not be treated as a “municipality”



I’d argue even wires—physical wires, which pass through/over easements, public lands, common spaces—should still be managed by an agency protecting our interests first.


Maybe instead of wasting money fighting them in court every few month/ years the government could start it’s own ISP instead.

Regardless, I cancelled mine on the 14th, not going to fund their lawyers and lobbyist.


Consumers consistently rate Comcast and Time Warner as the 2 most hated companies. Does anyone seriously believe they give a shit about their reputations?


Do monopolies care about their reputations?


Cancelled your… internet? I’m not clear on how that helps anything.


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