Comcast's top lobbyist insists he isn't a lobbyist

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Then let’s call him a ‘scum sucking kiss up that will be the first against the wall when the revolution comes’.

Does that fit better?


How about Morally Bankrupt Fuckwit That is Part of the Reason Estonia and Korea have Better Internet Than We do?


That works much better!


Does “The best argument against ‘Greed Is Good’ we have yet found” work?


How about “Speed Bump on the Information Super Highway?”


more a… foyerist.


DDL – Dictionary Definition Lobbyist. That makes it clear that you’re using the dictionary definition, rather than Washington’s “the pot is obsidian colored not black” definition.

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At the very least, my reading of the Comcast rep’s email:

David Cohen doesn’t pretend he’s not a lobbyist – he isn’t by the definition of the legal term – we keep very close records of his time and activities to make sure the law is complied with...

…aren’t they essentially saying Cohen himself agrees that he’s a lobbyist, just not the top lobbyist?

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You could call him “the late Hank Hooper”.

God I love the Adams references. Have a like.

Are there lobbyists for lobbyists?


Thank you sir!

Unfortunately so. The wonderful folks at the “Association of Government Relations Professionals” work night and day to address issues of importance to the abhuman shitweasels they represent.

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Thanks for the info! But I must ask: do the lobbyist’s lobbyists have lobbyists?

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Besides raising significant anounts of money for HRC, this fine, upstanding, civic-minded political gentleman is quite a personal political donor.

He bundled over 1.44 million dollars for Obama’s reelection, while also giving to such political allies as PA gov Corbett ® [his wife “gave” 18k to Corbett’s D opponent in the last cycle], Eric Cantor, Fred Upton, Orrin Hatch (all R).

But don’t worry, the Supreme Court assured us democracy was incorruptible by money.

Vote Bernie 2016.


I’d expect that a lobbyist for lobbyists comes with a fully functional recursion suite built in.

After all, lobbiests are second only to marketing in the expenses of a large corporation. Although lobbying is basically just inappropriately intimate marketing most of the time if you ask me.


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