Comcast's lobbyists are pretty damned chummy with top antitrust feds




This comes as a surprise.


Seems legit.


I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here lobbyists are cozying up with regulators!
No, wait, what’s the opposite of shocked? Yeah, that’s what I am.


Jumping on the bandwagon:

I’m absolutely agog that our political system can be bought and sold by the highest bidders. Good Gravy! What is the world coming to!


Oh you people are so cynical! Do you see the part where she refused the -bribe- gift because it was unethical? That’s right, your hardworking civil servants would never allow themselves to be corrupted by such a crude ploy. Except of course the upstanding Comcast representative certainly didn’t mean it in that way anyway, they’re just old friends.

Also I’m sure the dinner was bad. It was like Spam or something. And lima beans, I bet they ate lima beans.


Your winnings, sir.


Not shocked, but definitely saddened that the corruption is so naked.


I can’t even be saddened anymore - the revolving door/cozy relationship between regulators and lobbyists, across all manner of industries, is so well established at this point, and so damn naked. No one involved seems to have any shame at all.


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