Comcast, Time Warner make huge "donations" to party honoring their FCC overseer


What the Libertarian fuck is up with the Good Ol’ USA?


It would be cynical to think of this as bribery. It’s simply an investment, with a very very good ROI.


I’m pissed about this whole BS. I live in Pasadena and have been doing a fair amount of research into municipality run ISP’s. IF anyone has any leads on technology or examples on how we can get around this Behemoth of BS please PM me.




Scumcast is just pissed they got caught making the ‘donation’ is all. If they didn’t get called on it, no issues.

If the FCC lets ISPs kill Net Neutrality and says the merger between Concast/Slime Warner should go through, there should be a petition, several petitions asking for Thom Wheeler to step down as head of the FCC.

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Jesus, 132 thousand? That’s it? What did they do, just scrape the money from underneath their toenails?

What the fuck do they do with all their money?

Anyone whose livelihood is subject to the opinions of an “overseer” is going to adopt one of two strategies.

1 - try to ingratiate oneself with the overseer
2 - try to subvert and/or overthrow the overseer

The only surprise here is that there are BB’ers who don’t know this.

If there is someone at fault here, it’s the FCC official who allowed herself to accept this.

But that’s pretty normal too. Anyone who has this sort of power sooner or later comes around to thinking that she’s personally indispensable to the nation and that any tributes paid to her are no more than what she rightfully deserves.

Of course, I’m sure that will help. The hundred-year history of the FCC is replete with examples of the FCC cleaning up their act and protecting the public interest after a change of leadership.

Oh wait. Not at all.

It’s amazing to me that no matter how many stories like this get posted, it will never convince people that the FCC is completely corrupt, will always be corrupt, and needs to be removed instead of reshuffled.

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