Comcast ghost-wrote politicians' letters in support of Time Warner Cable merger



You can’t prove we cheated just because our answers are all the same!


Not shocked that political favor was bought - only that it can be bought so cheaply. I mean, ten grand?


That’s nice. Now, what can we do about it? Try to change a thoroughly corrupt system populated by people who seem to value the abstract thing called profit more than life itself, or just ignore the bastards?

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String 'em up.

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String’s too good for them. Do you know many man-hours it takes to wind a piece of twine?

Hey, where did Cory get that picture of my congressman?

@TooGoodToCheck_ - Dude, check out the Abscam payoffs. You can buy the whole Senate flat out for less than you’d ever imagine. Those guys clearly have no respect for their own offices, or they’d charge a whole lot more.

Corporations ghost-write legislation, so why not ghost-write politicians’ letters?

(I wonder how many current congresscritters paid someone to do some of their college assignments.)

Isn’t this kind of fake grassroots called astroturf?

Edit: A guest post or so written on these topics by e.g. John Stauber, the founder of Center for Media and Democracy, and one of the authors of Toxic Sludge is Good for You: Lies, Damn Lies and the Public Relations Industry (a pretty good book, I suggest reading it), could be a nice thing…

I wonder what that political whore charges for a BJ.

But what’s the difference between an axe-grinder on one side writing material that an influential person can be paid to present as their own contribution and an axe-grinder on the other side writing material that an uninfluential person can be persuaded to present gratis as their own contribution?

Oh. Right.

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