Someone paid actors to support an energy company at public hearings in New Orleans


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Those shirts and the signs all in the same font make it kind of obvious.


Still, how was the performance?


If they were paid to represent this firms’ interests before the government- they need to revisits lobbyists.

Not doing so should cause them and the firm some legal consequences.


Of course not. They paid someone (to pay someone)1 (to pay someone)2 . . . . . . (to pay someone)n to pay people to attend.


Think you meant, “register as lobbyists”
How I hope this decision will be revisited! NO does not need another dirty power plant


Vocal Accusers Guilty of Accusatory Thing
Shocking, but not really.


Curse you autocompact!


They do not necessarily have a legal obligation to register as lobbyists. From 2 USC § 1602(10):

The term “lobbyist” means any individual who is employed or retained by a client for financial or other compensation for services that include more than one lobbying contact, other than an individual whose lobbying activities constitute less than 20 percent of the time engaged in the services provided by such individual to that client over a 3-month period.

Emphases added not in the original.


"Paying people to create the illusion of grassroots support is known as astroturfing. Although it’s misleading, it appears to be legal. "

IANAL, but I wonder if it may be illegal in the setting of a public hearing, which is a function of government. Interfering with the proper administration of government is a crime called subversion:

“a systematic attempt to overthrow or undermine a government or political system by persons working from within. ;also. : the crime of committing acts in furtherance of such an attempt.”


Another story of money buying the message while hiding their cowardly little asses in denial. How very republican of them


Every time a conservative jackass accuses a high school kid of being “a crisis actor”

Projection. With the conservatives now, it’s all projection. So many conservatives are hiring actors for these kinds of gigs (remember Trump’s early events?), and they all know it.


From the article:

This guy uses:

What a scumbag. Wonder if it’s the third guy named Garrett Wilkerson, who works for oil companies:


How come we can find these paid political shills but never signs of the alleged George Soros bankrolled protesters right wingers keep talking about?

Dammit I want to go pro!


Talk about a bullshit job.



Yup. It’s almost like the Repubs are projecting again (imagine that…)


Just logging in to say that. I think these people that suggest the role of “crisis actors” are projecting their own biases and actions on to others. When people communicate within their bubble and the environment that creates, I think it tends to lend itself to this happening. A good case example is Scientology where there is totally “in house” group think of “What would Ron do?”


Yep. This exactly, it’s almost like they suspect that everyone else is doing exactly what they’re already doing or thinking of…

(I’d say something about how many Repubs get caught with rentboys or with a “wide stance” while having a huge history of fervent anti-LGBTQ political activity, but…)


One is reminded of the banks which paid companies to deal with foreclosure paperwork, so they could deny forging documents. I’ve been trying to popularized the term “implausible deniability” for this sort of thing.