Bank lobbyists are scared to meet with AOC because she might humiliate them on Twitter later

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I genuinely hope she doesn’t take any flights by small plane.



You’d think they’d read the room and the temperature and just jump on her bandwagon.


Honestly from what they did in 2008 bank lobbyists should be really worried about getting killed by angry mobs of people who got foreclosed on.


But how will she ever come to find out the holy trinity of investor-class dogma…that markets are self-regulating, that tax cuts increase tax revenue while stimulating job creation, and that helping people in need actually hurts them?


You should be afraid…


Bank lobbyists are scared to meet with AOC because she might humiliate them on Twitter later

Damn straight.

I’ve had the same thought. Things happen to people taking on the established order.

It seems like her success condition is their failure condition. They can’t do what they do and live as they live if her/DSA’s social justice vision is achieved. They’re natural enemies, it seems to me.

Separately but relatedly: the Intercepted podcast interviewed AOC, and she said part of the reason she was able to get on the financial services committee was that following the 2008 financial crash there was much more scrutiny on the committee and its activities than before, making it unattractive to the typical congressperson. Apparently she didn’t have much competition.

She also said that, in general, committee assignments have price tags attached to them in the form of a stated expectation of a certain dollar amount of fund-raising each committee member is expected to bring in, to be paid to top Congressional leadership (DCCC I think she said, but not sure).


So… maybe don’t wear a mask in the first place?


Also, Soylent Green is totally not people.


Come now, they can’t just waltz into the capital with their greed nakedly on display. That would require far too many fainting couches and smelling salts. The ah-do-declares would be deafening.


That might not be possible with their current clients. Nothing “on her bandwagon” might make them happy. Then again as long as she doesn’t have a lot of other Congresscritters on her bandwagon the sensible thing is for them to just work with everyone else. If she gets enough momentum then they would need to either engage and try to get the lightest version of her policies…

…or switch to some other set of people to lobby for that both have money, and don’t want totally wacko policies.


You can just tell the mobs that Mexicans are the real crisis and they’ll by and large get distracted.

It’s really telling how shaky the corporate fascist oligarchic kleptocracy must feel their position is, for one single junior congresswoman to have them freaked out so badly. This may actually be a good thing, and sign that even a small number of people speaking truthfully and articulately is capable of significant change. Also goes to show us how “in the bag” mainstream Democrats must be, as it’s been ages a Democrat freaked out the power mongers this much.


The right wing attack machine has been going all out on her for a couple of months now. I’ve seen so many memes attacking the Green New Deal it’s kind of amazing. Most are so dumb it’s hard to imagine people actually spreading them naturally. Literally just “look at her ugly teeth, what a dumb bitch” and 100,000 reshares/likes. She’s getting clobbered with propaganda at a rate not seen since Hillary.


Russian trolls and angry white people, there’s plenty to go around apparently. Can we just send all the angry white people to Russia and be done with it? For the record I’m white, but really a happy friendly kind of guy, for the most part.


Thing is, these guys vote, and happen to live in areas where their votes count for more. It’s important to know what kind of propaganda they’re consuming day in and day out. Otherwise you have candidates that think they’re going to coast to victory and lose to some racist blowhard who is really in tune with the existing propaganda.


It’s why I’ve read Drudge almost every day for what, almost 25 years? Good to be acquainted with the zeitgeist of idiocy. Although I’ll say, the “leftist media” (HAHAHAHAHA) has its share of idiocy as well. And yes I’m referring to MSNBC and CNN and The Times here, not Democracy Now and The Nation.

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On the one hand, it probably means that she has an incredibly clean background, I suppose. No coke, no shoplifting arrests from when she was 15, no DUIs, no academic issues, no embarrassing photos or videos. She must be remarkably squeaky clean.


You think that stops The Powers from fabricating stuff? For starters, she’s a Moslem from Kenya.