AOC's latest Congressional "lightning round game" is the best video CSPAN has ever aired


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I :heart_eyes: AOC!




“Shhhh … You’re not supposed to say this stuff out loud!”
—almost every R and quite a few Ds

The reason for the apoplexy at Fox is not necessarily her ideas but that she has the courage to speak about them and sound good when she does. Somebody like Bernie is fairly easy to ignore, since he’s old and kind of a goofball. This young woman looks and sounds like the future, and she means business - that’s scary as hell for conservatives.


I already fangirled over this yesterday:

But I’m quite happy to continue…


Dang…I’ve been wasting my time
listening to C-Span showing
the House Judiciary Committee
grilling the Acting AG.
Thus far, “I’m not going to discuss…”
“I’m not sure…”
“I don’t know exactly when…”

He looks like the Nails hanging him
to ,*the Wall" are extremely uncomfortable!

I’ll check for a repeat of AOC’s
star performance later,
along with MSM news coverage!


Sounds like she’s “all out of bubblegum.”


I want a better ending for her than what happened to Rowdy Roddy Piper, though.



So good. I get caught up in how much she causes conservatives to unreasonably - but hilariously - freak out (by saying things which are demonstrably true or by making “radical” proposals that aren’t at all radical), and I forget how good she can be at cutting through bullshit and saying things that need to be said.


Here’s the video on C-SPAN in case you don’t get to MSM and, like me, have issues playing the embedded video:

The awesome AOC starts at 2:44:40






Where is the link to the actual 5 minutes? I mean, Jacobinmag’s gushing all over AOC is great, but I wanna see dis!


If here eyes were lasers, Manchin would have a couple more holes in his skull.


ZOMG! The smiles on the woman’s face sitting behind and to the left of AOC! :smiley:


Thanks for sharing that. I couldn’t find it before. That was some great rhetoric, and lots of fun to listent to. She’s a smart woman and continues to impress me.


That’s DINO Joey clapping for
whatever nonsense
Dim-Don was reading
from the teleprompter.


AOC is very, very, very good. We’re lucky.