AOC's latest Congressional "lightning round game" is the best video CSPAN has ever aired


Very impressive. The way she formulates the questions will be a great source for the alt-right to fabricate their propaganda videos, but AOC’s reply to that will even be more impressive. Can’t wait for it!



(forgive me if sarcasm went over my head)


Always do your own research, no matter who the info comes from originally.

Especially these days.


Aw gee, and I was having so much fun here!

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Agreed. I’ll remove my post. It’s a derail and not cool. Sorry.


She is a natural at this.

One of the few politicians I’ve ever liked that I can say with some certainty is not pandering to me.


You go girl, put all these greedy fuckbois on blast.


You want Ethics?! Accountability?! Removal of conflicts of interest?!

Uh… Umm…

Hah! Got her!


The problem though now is that it would probably take a constitutional amendment to reduce the influence of money in American politics because of all the supreme court rulings that basically equate spending money to speech and denying the government the power to limit spending money (because the government, generally, can’t limit political speech).

Congress can pass a law, but then it gets up to the right-wing controlled SC, who says “nope, spending money is speech, can’t limit it.”

So we need an amendment that basically says “spending money is not political speech and can be regulated by the government as it sees fit (and, also, for good measure, corporations are not people when it comes to political speech, so we can regulate corporations even more).”

I’m trying not to be too pessimistic, but I just don’t see any campaign finance reform law surviving a SC challenge given past rulings and the make-up of the current court.


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I’m writing a song about AOC, it’s a love song…


Steal from the greats, don’t get caught.


Finally, an adult in the room.


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Could someone talented in all of this put this clip next to the one of the congressman concerned Guam would tip over if the Marines moved their base to the other side?

For the next time msm calls AOC stupid.

Since they didn’t seem to have any problem with the guy worried about the ecological catastrophe of an island capsizing



Ok, I’ve seen this rodeo before (with Natascha Stott-Despoja and a now dead party down here in Oz).

Taking a leaf from Laurie Penny, do not think of AOC as good and nice and pretty, think of them as great and genuinely terrifying in their agency, capable of taking and wielding great power.


Not just conservatives, not even close ^^’. The Democratic Party elites are quaking in their boots.


This is good. But I am very wary of people making AOC (or Bernie or whoever) into a Jesus figure, because that’s a game the establishment knows how to rig: simply wait for the resistance to define itself around a figurehead, then cut off the head.

So, support AOC, but remember that it’s not about counting on her to make a difference; it’s about having more people like her.