Comedian pokes fun at Gen-Z life

Well like I said Pete Holmes comes from that background, and he’s plenty funny. Thing is Holmes is not an evangelical or right wing. Think he’s a Lutheran. Seems like he ended up in the Christian circuit cause there were paid gigs, and a lack of good comics. Then again he also makes hay fondly mocking that period of his life.

There are other funny comedians out there who are Christians, if seldom evangelicals. Holmes is one of very few who was ever branded with “Christian comic” though or ran through that bit of shadow culture.



More seriously: I’m a Gen-Xer who hangs out on Twitch, rubbing virtual shoulders with people who range in age from 20s to 60s. We’ve got plenty of common interests to talk about, even though we come from many different walks of life (and many different countries.) Generation labels are a somewhat convenient catch-all description, but I don’t think they’re all that accurate or important.


I’m Gen X, my son is Gen Z (by those rather arbitrary year bandings).

He sent me this on Insta the other day, I think he’s trying to tell me something:

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I usually enjoy observational humor, but this smacks of “punching down,” which isn’t funny (to me). It does seem like with a few tweaks to his act he might have something.
And @GratuitousFish same here! I’m ‘76, but still often feel like I straddle that arbitrary “generational divide.”


am i getting more radical or is boingboing getting more regressive? probably both.


Not like Egyptians like we did in MY day, I can tell you that!


Yeah I’m '77 and never felt a real meshing with any of the possible generations.

I have a son who’s currently 15 and I really dislike the characterization of his generation as dumb tiktok obsessed tide pod eaters. Like seriously go fuck your lazy selves.

You can go back to the invention of writing and find elders bemoaning how kids these days don’t even need/want to memorize the epic poems. Tired dumb bullshit.


I remember reading Plato’s “Apology” in college and the part where he talks about his students and their parents and thinking, “holy hell, this attitude has been going on forever!
I like the idea of generational identity when it comes to our common cultural experiences, but everything else is silly, imho.


To use ‘comedian’ to describe someone, shouldn’t they be funny? I stopped the video at the 1:36 mark because it was obvious he’d said everything he was going to say and I was already regretting the loss of that short bit of time.


Think he’s Lutherans

I’ve never met a Lutheran who is NOT funny. Very self-deprecating (which is what this guy’s humor misses, unless he considers himself gen-z and thinks he’s mocking himself… but he’s not really, far as I can tell).




Oh my. I didn’t realize there were Contrapoints meme gifs. I knew she’d made it big time, but this is next level.


Yeah this seemed to be a really out of place-post here. Was this just a thinly veiled #ad for his upcoming tour or?

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I’m old enough to remember when Millenials were made fun of for being childish and lazy. I’m also old enough to remember when Gen-Xers went through the same. I’m not old enough to remember the same thing about boomers, but I’ve seen enough movies and TV to know they did.


Yup, in “Wonderful Life” (1964) as with most of Cliffs movies it’s the entire plot…

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And what I see in that also though are things like:

Kids: we don’t want to be sent to war to die for vague platitudes in a doomed military action

Adults: silly kids, other kids died so you should too!

Kids: How can we raise the families people expect of us when we can’t keep ourselves housed? We won’t be able to keep our own children alive.

Adults: Lazy silly kids, other kids died sleeping rough and they were trash so… so are you. Also it’s the women’s fault so fuck you.

Kids: Our planet is literally going to kill us because we have screwed up the climate so badly
Aduts: Derrrrrrrrp! That’s you!!! Kids amirite!?

Sometimes the kids are right about something I guess. I wish more adults could grasp that and stand to be educated.


When you only know any Gen-Zers through TikTok?

I guess I could see this kind of humor if it were directed at the comedian’s own generation and was intended to be self-effacing. But this dude ain’t gen-z.


At least, when you had the boomer vs millenials thing going on, there was an element of truth in the values dissonance gulf between these generations. You don’t even have that here.

Others have already said that it feels like punching down, except its punching down on gen z strawmen and still misses the mark.

Not funny.