Cruz Corral's "corporate satire" perfectly captures how different generations deal with remote work

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Whelp, GenX checks out.


Nice to see that I’m between Gen X and Gen Z, but never Millennial.
That computes, as my age is about the sum of the two. X+Z ≈ B.

In full honesty, this was not so amusing as it does not match my experience - not only personal, but also of my colleagues in both Italy and Sweden.
Maybe more geared towards an USian rather than European work ethic/tradition?
Maybe I’m in an oddball corporate?

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Boomer, here.

First, I don’t think the videos are very funny.

Working late? Nailed my generation! I’m logged out at 5PM anymore, though. I’m getting too old for this s**t.

Workplace Survey? Not so much. I know they’re not anonymous, but I let them have it, anyway, and I’d never narc on someone else who let them have it, too.

Both not funny, so didn’t watch any more.

The Office Boomer GIF by MOODMAN


According to this i skew solidly millennial, I’m def not. Boomer is more the generation before it, greatest generation I believe, but I’ve found wayy too many of all generations acting exactly like the videos. Especially the password one. Still funny tho.

Oh wait, it’s the same guy doing all four impressions? I could hardly tell /SARC
Seriously, if the clips weren’t labeled I don’t think I’d be able to tell which generation he was parodying.

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