Comic-Con 2013 in pictures: chaos, costumes and culture


A maelstrom of surprisingly polite people - and a walking costume show that even rivals the Masquerade. I usually wander about as No.6 from the Prisoner on Saturdays, and over the many years I have met many of my graphic art heroes, Burne Hogarth, Steranko, Dave Stevens, and many more, and it’s different every year. Everyone should go at least once.

Gorgeous photos. For the first time ever, wish I was there…

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great post.
"Comic-Con long ago expended beyond the realm of comic books, and is not a culture smorgasbord that encompasses everything from movies to books to internet fads. Science toys are among the most popular items on display. "

unfortunate typos when they create the opposite of intended meaning.

Gorgeous photos. For the fourth time ever, i’m glad i’m not there. :wink:

As a current San Diegan, I just hope all you attendees are helping the local economy enough to make having our downtown unusable for us for the duration worthwhile.

The picture has a description telling us it is not a smorgabord… take out the not…

The little dude at the end isn’t one of my get, but one of these years I have to take my kids there. I just fear it’s gotten waaaaay too big to handle. As a native San Diegan and lifelong lover of science fiction, horror, and fantasy, I still can’t explain why I’ve only ever been to Comic-Con once, back in 1984 when I was fourteen and the whole thing fit into the lobby of the Westgate Hotel on Broadway (the Convention Center wasn’t finished until after I graduated high school). I had so much fun at the '84 Con that I’ve wanted to go back every year since, and every year some circumstance or other conspires against me and I don’t get to go.

I just have to make it happen.

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