Watch: Roundup of cosplay at New York Comic-Con 2015

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I was there! The cosplays are so fun. One I didn’t see that I loved was the duo who came as Jessie and James of Pokemon fame. And no one has a photo of the Free Shrugs guys that I can find. They had the sign, and they’d pose with you - and shrug. It was adorable.

Another one was a boy who was a transformer. He was maybe 9 years old. He’d crouch down and be a car, then stand up and be a robot. It was a most excellent costume and he was so proud of himself.

Also there was this.


What fun! My son and I just went to Cincy comics expo, and the cosplayers were the best part. So many Maka Albarns!

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The guy dressed up as Barf from Spaceballs was quite impressive. I’ve always wanted to go to one of these cons, just for the people watching. Seems like it would be a lot of fun.


The costumes have gotten many, many orders of magnitude more impressive (and common) since the days I went to cons (although I may have only gone to some of the lamer cons in terms of people caring about costumes). I blame the internet - the amount of detailed information available now on constructing costumes is mind-blowing, it has become really easy to find the materials, and more than anything, I think, being able to see the best costumes from all other cons, worldwide, provides a real incentive to step up one’s costume-making game, so to speak.


Also, from the “other videos you might want to watch” at the end… The Hulkbuster costume (you see it quite briefly in the OP’s video):

Holy fuck.


for whomever made/edited the video. you have to linger on the actual costumes for a few minutes. It moves through so fast that while a short succinct video, its a pain to focus on any one costume.


I went to a panel and learned there is now such a thing as a “cosplay consultant.”

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Cleavage, cleavage, cleavage, dude, cleavage, cleavage, I think that was Wolverine?, cleavage…


There was actually significantly less cleavage than I was expecting to see, frankly.

I went to a con in Columbus, Ohio in 1991 and heard a guy sing “Welcome To The Hotel Con-Euphoria”, about an ideal con. Spoiler alert: it was all a dream.

One particularly memorable part is when he asks if his sword or pistol will freak the mundanes. The concierge replies, “We don’t have no stinking mundanes here.”

It was wonderful. I wish I could find it or even remember who sang it.

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Of course there is. Makes sense, I suppose, given that there are now professional cosplayers…


If I did cosplay, I’d probably do mid-1980s John Zorn.

I don’t have the time or energy or possibly talent to make such an elaborate costume. But I am trying to put together a Shadow costume for the spring comic con. The pulp version. Very similar to the toy below. I am hoping they will allow me to bring 2 deactivated 1911s as I am having a friend 3D print the word “BLAM!” with a starburst to make it look like a comic book. Possibly toying with floating “HAHAHAHA!” above my head some how (foam core and wire frame attached to the hat?) Otherwise I guess I have to resort to airsoft. The hardest thing will be getting a custom made cape. Or making due with one out there similar enough.

The hat is a hard one too - but I think I found one that is more of a western style that can be shaped, and not like a classic fedora. I forget the name for it, but it looks very similar to the one below and the ones in the early pulps.

I also have a Stormtrooper kit preordered. And crazy enough I found an awesome metal prop blaster for it locally on craigs list. I need to change out the metal Fins to T-Track, but other than that is is great.

I’m more surprised they let the guy at 1:18 bring a cigarette.

Gosh, when I first started going to Comic-Com is was all guys except for a handful of fat girls.

All I know is NO ONE who looked like that was interested in any of the stuff when I was young.

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Or they were, but they felt like they couldn’t make it known that they were interested for fear of being ostracized, or made a spectacle of.


True. Geeks are way more accepted now.

I STILL don’t know how Big Bang Theory is that popular. I mean, how do people get even half those jokes? Must be a lot of closet geeks out there.

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“Being a spectacle” doesn’t appear to be among their fears.