Someone cosplayed the Javits Center at this year's New York Comic-Con (which is held at the Javits Center)


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Now is someone cosplaying the convention center in the convention center cosplay, while in the convention center?


I’m confused, again.


Psha. When you have people wearing Jarvis Center dresses, Jarvis Center kilts, Jarvis Center ties, Jarvis Center badge ribbons, and marching in the parade driving Jarvis Center trucks… then you can tell me how wired it is.


Seems like another one of those affairs where it looks good for a 10-second pose, and 99% of the rest of the time you’re wandering around with it dismantled.


That’s meta.




Yea, this doesn’t merit the “high-concept” tag until somebody cosplays the Javits center cosplaying the Javits center.


I’m confused, again.

Chronic confusion punctuated by bouts of trembling fear is the state of the rational, humane being in these degraded times.


Bah. Amateur. I want to see it done convincingly without the costume.



This would be an extremely successful way to wring free beer out of me o.O’ …

“Bartender, serve 2 feet of this building a beverage, if you would.”


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