Cosplayer attacks man on subway for eating sunflower seeds

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Hammer Girl fans?


@frauenfelder there is no video or link to a video in the original post.

Looks like it was a stunt by a film company advocating civilized subway behavior.

Here is a YouTube Link, though there is another in the article I linked above:



“Yesterday, the XI ‘ an City Public Security Bureau official
Micro-Blog said: this video is a film and television company Metro in
Shaanxi Province shot a film, not the actual events that happened, nor
Cisco Metro departments. Meanwhile, sociologists say, appears online in
the near future more than to subway as “show” the malicious video may be
misleading to the public and to enable the public to misunderstand
social order and social cohesion.

Just for the record.


Looks like Fuu and Mugen or Jin finally ran into the guy they’re looking for


Guys, guys, take it to the Thunderdome like civilized people.


I think the attacker may have been this guy

This would be a lot more appropriate, and no blood.


There, FTFY :wink:

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There we go.

I wonder if we’re reaching peak fakery in this age of reality shows and viral advertising.


Yeah. As I was watching it, my suspicion kept growing. One clue was how steady the camera is. Also hard to believe that that many people would get that upset about someone else eating sunflower seeds on the subway.


I’d love to see someone superimpose Trump’s head onto the seed eater’s body.

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It seemed pretty obviously staged*, but it’s still a weird stunt.

*Costumed vigilante appears out of nowhere to confront a wrong-doer? Large police forces rarely manage this, much less individuals. This is why comic book characters are inherently silly (well, one of many reasons).

I sure as hell hope so; it’s beyond tedious at this point.


Shit, right? People here eat their toenails and stick their hand through their shortlegs to scratch their genitals here, and that’s not the worst of it…

Maybe their version of “improv everywhere” just loses something in the translation.


The Samurai who Spits Sunflowers?

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A new sidekick for Banana Man!


Use a cell phone on a Bullet train sometime. Japanese folks will get. in. you. face. Hell the authorities whup your ass in Singapore for lesser shit than littering on the subway.

Where I live public transit behavior seems very permissive, which can be a good and bad thing, but it’s dictated by the predominant local culture. I’ve seen violence over inconsiderate smoking here and have been in places where nobody does anything about smokers.

/I used to be bothered by people who eat on the train, now I spend so much time on it myself I’ve had to eat on my commute so my criteria shifted to only caring if the food was smelly or if the eater is making a mess.