Man in Spider-Man costume brawls with troublemaker

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Man in Spider-Man costume

Oh ye of little faith; what if it’s actually Spider-Man?!?


It’s actually still a costume.


Unless it’s venom.

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Just what the country needs: more violence.


Kimmy Schmidt was unavailable for comment.


He and Phoenix Jones might hit it off.

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Spider-Man is a specific instance of a man in a Spider-Man costume.

Do not give this idiot or the idiot he was fighting props. That scene down there is fracking ridiculous. Ever since Bloomberg left office the street scene around Times Square has devolved to a circus of panhandling freaks.

That shit needs to go away.

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I can’t believe the police didn’t jump in after 2 seconds – they are every ten feet in Times Square.

No chance; the real Slim Spidey would have had this guy webbed up and hanging from a streetlight in about five seconds.

Ha ha no–costumed panhandlers have been hanging around popular tourist destinations for years now. Here’s an example from Central Park during the Bloomberg years:


Spider-Man is a surprisingly large number of specific instances of a man (or whatever) in a Spider-Man costume.

It’s nice to hear that at least /one/ of the costume folks may be decent.
From what I’ve heard through street performer buddies, the costumed-panhandler gig seems to attract a disproportionate percentage of terrible people.

Ever since unemployment hit about 7%, America has devolved to a circus of panhandling freaks. This is what happens when we destroy the social safety net. Also, if that’s Spiderman why doesn’t he know a few good takedowns?


Meanwhile, the other Avengers aren’t sure if they should jump in, thanks to the uncertain terms of the Sony/Disney agreement.


Ah yes, simpler, purer times when times square wasn’t dominated by annoying entities desperately begging for access to you cash supply from all sides…


Most likely Deadpool.

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