Spiderman tased, arrested after robbery


Show some respect. His real name is Peter Parker.


I’m not surprised, Spider-man would do everything to go on the web.

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Sure looks like J. Jonah Jameson was right about this creep.


Impossible. Spider-Man has been in Costa Verde. That must be The Tarantula, with whom Spider-Man traded costumes in order to help bring down that country’s infamous dictator. Now it appears The Tarantula has come here and is committing crimes. Damn immigrants.

Welcome to austerity. Bruce Wayne is getting all the goodies now.

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I was guessing it was a clone.

It wouldn’t be the first time Spider-Man has had to deal with those.

Let’s be clear here - the article cites “Spiderman” as the criminal. Not to be confused with “Spider-Man”.


Mort Spiderman, considered a super hero by many in the Jewish community. Cousin of Jonathan Siegel.

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It’s actually Dr Octopus’s mind in spidermand body.


I like the part where his roommate said that Hewson often dresses as Spider-Man.

“He’s a Spider-Man enthusiast. He’s a college kid and college kids do strange things.”

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