Spider-Man #300 original cover art could bring $250,000+ at auction


You can get a copy of around £100 on ebay; though it looks even worse coloured in.

“Because only it’s the only cover appearance of the web-slinger sporting the black Venom symbiote suit, silly!”

I was ready to disagree but I think the other covers I’m thinking of where he is wearing the black suit, it isn’t the symbiote, just a black suit.

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My thought was what about secret wars? I’m guessing though it’s the only one in the main series.

It’s the LAST time he wore the symbiote suit on a cover.

So where does this fit into the scheme of things?

I think the black suit was always the symbiote. Parker didn’t have to make copies of it after picking it up from the Beyonder world, because it was self-repairing and self-cleaning.

(I could be wrong, because Secret Wars just about killed my interest in mainstream superhero comics and I stopped paying attention shortly thereafter, when Secret Wars II somehow managed to be even shittier.)

My recollection is the symbiote costume shot webs from the white portions on the front of his hands, meaning this costume is one of his homemade copies.

Also, since 298-300 is the Venom intro story arc, Peter would have gotten rid of the symbiote costume well before this time in order for Eddie Brock to have found/bonded with it.

What’s worse, that I know these things or that I specifically created an account to post this?

I didn’t mind the first Secret Wars mini-series. McFarlane though? Geez, he about ruined Spider-Man for me. I’ll completely agree that he probably had the biggest impact of any artist in the modern age of comics, but for my money it was all bad, heralding in an era where comics became all about the art and stories went completely to hell.

Nope. The next time he wore the symbiote suit was on Macfarlane’s Spider-Man #13. http://cache.coverbrowser.com/image/spider-man/13-1.jpg

Well, you’re actually wrong - on a technicality. It was the black-white suit, but not the symbiote suit.

“Spidey came back from the Beyonder’s planet after Secret Wars with a new black & white costume, not knowing at the time it was a living alien life form that was taking him over symbiotically. Upon separating from the alien, Pete began to wear a cloth version of the same costume design, while the alien symbiote survived and attached itself to someone who hated Peter Parker just as much–Eddie Brock. The vicious Venom was born–who first stalked out the shadows looking for Peter at his apartment but found Mary Jane instead. MJ was unhurt but got a nasty shock from this encounter. Peter agreed to hang up the black and white costume once and for all, sticking to the red & blues from that point on (those last two plot-points took place in Amazing Spider-man (Vol. 1) #300 )”

"Back at Pete and MJ’s apartment, she’s telling him “no, no, no, no” over and over again. She says
that Venom hurt her, and the thought of seeing the black costume again would be too much. Pete says he knows what it takes to win, and that his red & blues are like a beacon to the under-dwellers. He reasons that safety is what’s kept him alive all these years as Spider-man. Mary Jane says she knew what she was getting into when they married, but that she has trouble coping with his career sometimes, and that the hardest part is that deep down she knows she can’t really be of any help to him. Pete says he’ll find some other hero to handle the situation, but Mary Jane says no, for Peter to do what he has to. But that she doesn’t want to have to see the costume.

Two days later, Peter has a new black & white Spidey outfit from the Fantastic Four’s seamstress.
He tries it on and it fits like a glove. Pete admits that he’ll owe MJ big time for this."

More about that SM #13 here

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