Spider-Men dancing to “Take On Me” is weird and delightful

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There’s a blue Spider-Man?


My Spidey Senses are on overload.


ummm, ok then.

Thats an homage to the Band of the Bold.

There are 5 or 6 of these, progressively getting sillier and sillier.

By the very talented Marlon Webb!


Wednesday morning instantly improved. Wonderful!

This is even more fun when you’re aware of the various mutations of this meme. Marlon Webb’s videos (linked above) were the start.

Shortly after that went viral, a fellow named ThePruld made a parody/homage animation based on the Dark Souls video game series:

A month later, a cosplay propmaking company made a further parody featuring some convention-goers wearing costumes from the Halo video game series:

And now it’s fashionable for costumed convention-goers to record their own version whenever they reach a critical mass of people cosplaying the same character.


Just me wondering… what if your body-type isn’t in keeping with the character’s parameters? Are you still that lean & lithe ‘Spiderman’ if you weigh 600 pounds and the costume has to be let out a bit ?

Seems like people take pride in getting all the details right with these Comic Con events, great deal of thought and skill involved in putting the ensembles together. How much leeway is tolerated in the community before someone indicates a participant is wayyyy off the mark ?

“someone indicates?” Well, there’s a good chance “someone” will “indicate” that a given fan’s weight is inappropriate for a given character, because there is no shortage of those who would like nothing more than to shame and belittle others.

As to whether or not anyone should give a fuck what they think? Not at all.


Yes. The costume in the line might have been Venom, though?

Lwtterman used to do this regularly. “How many Spidermen can we fit into A Dunkin Donuts?” But thanks for adding bad dancing. It makes the whole bit work.


I’ve never been to one of these happenings, only see videos. People are obviously free to imagine themselves to be who or whatever they want… as an outsider, a 6’6" muscle guy dresses at Thor , yeah, I get that, the dots connect. But when a 3’4" small person does it, or a 6"6" person of size, then the characteristics of the emulated hero are lost.

Also true, who cares what other people think.

I’ll just leave this here.


The Marvel Wiki says that the blue Spider-man came from a 2011 cross-over called Fear Itself. Tony Stark and Dwarves of Nidavellir (?) made a bunch of these blue armors for various superheroes including one for Spider-Man.

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Thank so much you for explaining; I was completely clueless as to what I was seeing… or why.

It’s official:

Either I’m a bonafide old ‘fuddy duddy’ now, or Idiocracy has already become reality while I wasn’t paying enough attention… or both.

Because this was just kinda pointless to me.


Hahah I think its one of those you either get it or not things.
My friends and I have been know to break into the job (its hard btw).
And I’ve seen all iterations of it dozens of times. :slight_smile:

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