Watch: Amazing illegal rave on London tube train surprises passengers


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That’s awesome… the police came on and were polite about it, the pranksters were cool we can stop and did.


Spontaneous dance party!


I thought I was going to hate that but I really liked it. Thanks for sharing this.


When he answers “Harry Shotta” the passengers cheer, and then they are rewarded with a great show. Never has a subway ride looked so exciting.

“The pounding bass beats were immediately appealing to everyone in the vicinity and provided a welcome escape from the ordinary silence of their commute. Those already engaged in conversation realized the futility of their pursuit.”


more of this sort of thing in life everywhere, please.


Yeah, sounds like a great time to me… force me to listen to your crappy music and interrupt my conversation. I love that, just like I do when buskers come around.


I’ll say it again - anything faster than sixteenth notes is just showing off.


I do stuff like this with my Loud Bike in Tucson. We organize bike rides with themes, and ride around downtown, stopping here and there to dance for a few songs. Not exactly a rave, but the same energy. To make it more fun, my friend has a bike called the Bat Bike with big bat wings that flap slowly, and a flame poofer. It’s all Burning Man hardware, but there are 52 weeks in a year.


While I like public performance and support independent artists, loud noises in a confined public space should not be forced upon anyone. If you do it on the platform and I don’t like it I can go to the other side of the platform. Do it in the subway car and it’s only fun for people that like it. This is why it’s not permitted.


yes, i definitely would like more burning man playfulness/creativity to spill into default life. that’s one of the nice things that’s been happening in reno in recent years: it seems like more and more on random evenings downtown, we’ll suddenly see art cars from the playa rolling along, causing a scene. that combined with all the art from the playa that the city has been buying, reno has been getting more and more burner-y every year. it’s so much fun.


I’m fairly sure there’s more than one car.


With my luck, if it happened to me, it’d be Rick-Rollers.


Huh, usually it’s R&B or soul music. Though I remember a few great disco bits too.



you can just go thru the door to another car. What about all the folks who were ready to cut loose on their commute after a hard day at work? It made their day.


not available with oyster cards at this time


The subway isn’t the place to do it. The subway is for commuting. You don’t have the right to annoy people on mass transit, no matter how cool you think it is.


Normally I’m against that sort of thing, but I kind of liked that.

Much better than being preached at by a loud, very loud, Haitian woman as you’re trying to doze during your morning commute.


it’s a public place. sometimes the public does creative things.

none of the billion dudes that have panhandled me on the train had “the right” to do it, but I didn’t get too broken up over it. There could be crying babies. Things beyond my control might affect my comfort level. But people might do something I like, too. People make the world go round.


Cool stuff.
Public transport is one of those things that needs a bit of livening up. Like in these previous examples:


^Icelandic music in Wuppertal

^ Paris metro.

Unsurprisingly, the police involved were the Transport police, and not the Met.
The whole incident proves once again that you shouldn’t give any sort of power to “Respect my authoritai” style assholes.