World of Dork-craft: This guy's 'South Park' cosplay is seriously fantastic


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I think if i saw that guy walking around a convention i would have zero clue that it was a cosplay. But kudos to him for a really clever and subtle cosplay idea.


well done. i hope he does win something, haha



Haha, fat white men with poor social skills.


It’s hard to laugh at one’s self, I know.


I think this is better than the sexy girls in anime outfits.


Jarod: Nwbzpwnr is the cosplayer!


‘scott tenorman must die’. if i had to pick just one. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The Best ever!


He’s not even close. Look how he’s pushing up the glasses with the wrong hand.


I’m three of those four things, and I thought it was funny.


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