Cosplay at the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con International: 10 amazing fan portraits

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good googly moogly that storm women is hot, that’s some next level beauty!

That’s it, I’m going next year.

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I don’t know what the second character is, but I didn’t really need to sleep tonight…

And re: Storm cosplayer - there was NO ONE that fit, male or female, into comics that much when I was collecting. I bet she has all the best Pokemon…

Unless maybe Lou Ferrigno if he was more than just a comic actor.


so why is the picture of storm gone, as well as the comments referencing it?

Kudos to the photog for including the names of the cosplayers!

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in before homestuck nerds complain about tie poes

I’m bummed that the Wonder Woman photo wasn’t actually someone cosplaying Lego Wonder Woman.


I think the girl in that second photo might be cosplaying Gorillaz? Or maybe someone from Coraline?

Adam Incognito tried something new this year:


Adam Savage is my kind of guy.

“I know it’s not a very scary bear, but that’s the kind of bear I am.”

Jeeze, now I know I’m up too late. I’m looking for material to run a group therapy session, but I work in IT.

(HelpDesk really is therapy though. The only reason people call us is “bad shit happening! Make it stop! MAKE IT STOP!” and the most important part of my job is paperwork. Then making sure people feel like things are going to be okay, so they can get back to being productive in their jobs again.)


Holy crap, what would an IT group therapy session be like?

I think I’ve found a sequel to The IT Crowd for American burnt out BOFHes.


Can I get the number for the guy playing prehistoric Patrick?

Asking for a friend.

Ah, Gorillaz, I think you are right. If not a literal copy of a character, then inspired by. Which is why it was not just creepy but familiar.

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I think we owe one of these guys an apology. Well, maybe not, but I’m just sayin’. :blush:

The cover Storm, I worked with her up here in Seattle on a spec bit called Imperium that screened at SDCC this year.

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The girl in the second photo is Kevin, from the podcast “Welcome to Night Vale”.


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