Gallery: New York Comic-Con in pictures


That first photo is a keeper. I imagined they were looking at the new issue of their comics to see how “they screwed it up again.” You work hard to keep the city safe and then your biographer makes you look like a buffoon. Life as a hero is hard.


I love the creative cosplay everywhere. Also Superman eating a pretzel.

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Very cool photos… the calm candid moments give such a different vibe than the typical practiced pose of most cosplay shots.


Might as well call them Cosplay-Con, nowadays. They’re in every. single. picture.

Fable cosplayers, nice work!

Good to see Skeletor finally putting on some weight!


I was there! Also, THIS happened - I was in the crowd! Was soo fun, and we also got to sing Happy Birthday to Chris Carter, which David Duchovny recorded with his phone.


Did Rob really post this? Or did ComicCon link the badge registration to his boingboing account and post this on his behalf?


Geek can be sooo cool :slight_smile:

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@beschizza Were you on the D train to Brooklyn Saturday night wearing a pair of animal ears that wiggled when you spoke, debating the merits of various Dexter episodes with a couple of other guys, one of whom was toting a NIB Klingon battle sword?

I have no idea what you look like IRL, but I just realized looking at your avatar that the guy sitting next to me on the subway looked an awful lot like your avatar.

(Boingboing BBS is the new Craigslist Missed Connections)

I can assure you that wasn’t him.

For those David and Gillian to look like that more than 20 years after the start of the series makes me wonder if there really was something to all of the alien-nano-crypto-fortean-magical forces they were exposed to.

Not me, I’m afraid!

Nice pike pic.

I see what you did there.

Well, you should get yourself some animal ears that wiggle when you talk anyway. Because animal ears that wiggle when you talk!

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Yeah no shit. They both looked super hot, and not “worked on” either like so many actors. Gillian’s hair was really shiny and thick. Seriously, whose hair gets thicker and shinier as they age?

They are so adorable. Their AMA on Reddit had me howling with laughter at times yesterday.

Link? I don’t really do Reddit but I’d love to see that thread.

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