Comic strip etched into a human hair


“Worlds Smallest Comic”.

That sounds like a challenge. Anyone up for transcribing a stick figure comic in Atomic Sans?

I will simply say that the audio from that video freaked my cat out. If you want to carry out more science, see what your cats think of it.

Oh goody, comics that are only visible to head lice.


Perhaps we can use the (self evident) morally corrosive and depraved effects of comics to annihilate their populations without dousing ourselves in moderately nasty pesticides?

I, for one, think that head lice carrying adorably teensy switchblades and engaging in very, very, tiny acts of juvenile delinquency would be at least 183% more fun than permethrin.


Big Blue doesn’t really do it for the lulz these days; but coaxing 35 individual xenon atoms into something recognizable was a neat trick…

W: Honey do you notice anything different?

H: Uhhh…errr…did you lose weight? new nail polish? New dress?

W: No. (fluffs her hair with her hands.)

H: Oh…you got a comic etched in your hair…lets see…whips out portable electron microscope…DAMN why’d it have to be Family Circus! sighs

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Why is it always human hairs? They aren’t that small. They sound small but they really aren’t. They should at least have a character in the comic hold up another comic strip…

I do not think this new medium will become popular.

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And around the world syndicates and newspapers looked at Bill Watterson and said “See, you don’t need that much room to tell your little funny book stories!”

The description says “human hair.” It doesn’t specify what part of the body said hair came from…

…i think you are referring to “the sports section”! :slight_smile:

Okay, okay! Comics visible only to head or pubic lice.

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