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As a solo creator looking for ways to grow the audience for her [sf graphic novel][1], I’m interested in this. But the nonspecificity of the site’s claims worry me.

“At ComicsMixPro Services, we’ve promoted some of the most successful titles of the last several decades.” Titles such as?
They talk about licensing properties but don’t mention anything they’ve been involved in the licensing of. They talk about crowdfunding experts with “proven track records” but don’t mention any campaigns.

In short: “We have a lot of experts. But we won’t tell you who they are or what they’ve done. Now give us $75 for us to consider looking at your project.”

That’s totally not tripping my scam detectors. Not at all.


Yeah, the give-us-money-to-consider-you is kind of the classic scam tactic. I don’t know one way or the other whether these people legit or not, but I agree that the scam detectors are going off.

In Hauman’s defense, he’s worked with John Ostrander and Peter David. According to the website, Mike Gold, who was an editor with DC and First Comics, is also involved in ComicMix (though I don’t know if he’s involved with the Pro project). So while I don’t know what he delivers with CMP, he’s certainly not a scam artist.

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