Raising legal funds to defend an online sf shared world that's been stolen by a Russian trademark troll

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“Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves”



This is more interesting than I expected it to be. SCP is basically Science Creepy Pasta?

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Shared universe science creepy pasta. If it’s even remotely your thing you’ll get lost in the wiki for hours


This one is my favorite:


Shouldn’t this story be an SCP as well?

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Reading about it earlier, it was unclear to me what happened - I was assuming this is a fraudulent attempt to claim - and monetize - the SCP project, rather than someone whose trademark accidentally overlaps SCP and who decided to stomp SCP out of existence to protect their unrelated project. Both are bad, but the first would be outright criminal.

Reading the links here, it’s more or less what I assumed, albeit more complicated than I realized. Someone did an SCP art book, presumably doing illustrations based on other people’s stories, which was fine and dandy until he was approached by a film company (who wanted to do a movie based on the work, mistakenly seeing him as the creator) and saw dollar signs. First he tried to work out a deal where he got half the money from a film deal, and the various authors of the works presumably being adapted would get to split the other half. Except he realized that license which is the whole basis for the SCP didn’t really allow that, so he tried to claim it all, in violation of the license, with a secret trademark. So amazingly scammy. On top of which he’s extorting money from other people who, like him, are making SCP-inspired merchandise. What an asshole.


Technically, the license would allow them to make a movie. It’s just that the license would require the movie to also be released under the same CC license. Most film companies aren’t terribly keen on that, since anyone would be able to redistribute the movie.


Mr. Doctorow, I just wanted to thank you for helping to bring attention to our campaign. Hopefully, we can secure the funds needed to fight Duksin and put us into a position to stop anyone trying this in the future.


Ha. I knew that was the IKEA one from the number :slight_smile: Excellent choice


May he be involved in one of those Russian traffic incidents that I see on YouTube, where people start pulling out tools.

Technically, (a) movie needs to be less of an acquisitive natures gone to private equity microgreens problem and more of a SCP gobsmacked they made the movie exactly as hoped and distributed it in a way that made them deliriously happy (sideswipe us all, you creative lawyerin’ authors) problem.

7 microns away from the John Ford story. Damn.


If he is trying to sell rights he doesn’t actually own, the film company’s lawyers may want to have a word or two with him.


Yeah, that one rocks

That was the first SCP that I read few years ago, being featured here on BoingBoing

Not necessarily. The best way to put it that I can think of is that it’s the case files of MIB, but with explicitly supernatural things. SCPs range from like, a toothbrush that’s actually just one of those music toothbrushes but it changes the song every time, to an astronaut who falls to earth from orbit, gets ice cream, then jetpacks back up, possibly stealing and killing someone along the way, to “This is just some fog that appears out of nowhere sometimes and when it lifts every living thing in the area it touched has been dismembered”


Right - I just meant the license didn’t allow him to insert himself as a middleman able to get the kind of movie deal he was after.

Yeah, you’d think that would kill any potential deal, as soon as the filmmakers had any inkling of what the situation was. (Maybe it already has, which is why he’s extorting other SCP merchandise makers, to the point where he’s even threatening them with jail. He’s put some money into advertising and fraudulently laying claim to SCP, so he’s desperate to recover his costs.)


I’ve been an SCP reader for years now, and yes, it’s easy to lose hours on that site. There’s no canon, so you can find a little of everything there, from horror to humor, science and story, and even some excellent artwork. When it’s good, it’s very good, and with the ratings system, the bad never sticks around too long.

One spooky entry that stuck with me was SCP-510. Its tone is matter-of-fact, but my imagination ran away with the implications… brrrr. Every so often, there’s a format screw like SCP-2521, that stretches the bounds of what the site can do, and leaves me in awe at the creativity involved. (One of these days I’ll create an account, but I’ve got no ideas to contribute… yet. :smiling_imp: )

I truly hope the Foundation wins the fight-- it’s a wonderful site that deserves to stay alive. Thanks @John_Beattie for stopping by and commenting!

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Does Russia not recognize cc licences? Did someone just pay off a copyright clerk? I don’t how this even becomes a fight.

That said, fuck this troll. I love SCP! I tried my hand at writing a story or 2 when I found out about it but I don’t words good.


Days even…

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