Coming to DC on March 6: a panel on right to repair, DRM, and property rights in the digital age

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I need to ask a question, and I’m struggling to do it in a way that is tactful. I’m interested in attending this discussion, but just from looking at the organizations who will be attending, it seems clear to me what the slant of opinions concerning DRM will be. Exactly what does the discussion want to accomplish? Will advancing the legal agenda be part of it? Tactics as to how to accomplish goals? Or (and this is the part that I know sounds incredibly rude) will it just be a bunch of people sitting around agreeing with each other that DRM and the Millennium Act are B.S.?

We’ll be discussing different reform possibilities including pending legislation like YODA, administrative rulemakings like the US Copyright Office triennial hearings, state-level right-to-repair bills, etc.

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Thanks for the reply, I’ll see if my schedule will allow it.

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Ah! This sounds so exciting! I get back from UK Uni a few weeks too late. But I’ll contribute anyways by guilt tripping lawyer relatives into going.

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