Commodore Vic20 TV ad, 1982


At the turn of the century, I reminisced with an old schoolfriend on mine. We both are Vic-20 Alumni!
We talked about how we tricked our parents into getting them and letting us spend hours on it to “help with our homework”.

We never did any homework - of course.
Instead we spent time copying and writing programs by hand, taking apart games and putting them back together in new ways.
Boy did we trick our parents! Making them think we were “learning” something when what we were really doing was …

… setting ourselves up to both become very happy in future careers that didn’t yet have a name.

Sure fooled them!


This is the one that sucked me in:

My next (infinitely better) computer was the Vic20.


Just! Awesome! I really dig how they broke all the rules of advertising and marketing by showing the competitions product.

I really like the invention no.13 in the background.

With the crashtastic 16k Panda RAMpack? I remember typing in BASIC text adventure games from my 2000AD annuals. Happy days…

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Yeah, had that too - typing would cause it to crash. But, I bought that later since it cost as much as the computer did. Before getting the extra memory I remember having to type in stuff using the all the shortcuts to get a cheesy lunar landing program to fit in the 1k. I also had the flight simulator - which didn’t fit in 1k so I got it after the memory upgrade and it was positively glacial.

But, hey that was almost 35 years ago and what I learned back then trying to write games is the root of what I’m now using to pay the mortgage.


About a decade prior to that a friend and I saw a Pong game and decided to replicate it. A month and 74 TTL chips later we had our own Pong. We learned more from doing that than a lot of electronics courses we had taken.

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