Compendium of iOS games worth playing

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Enter the Gungeon isn’t on there? For shame! FOR SHAME!

You can now pet the dog!

Oh wait - iOS isn’t the same as the MacOS, is it? Nvm.


Don’t suppose anyone has some recommendations for Android? Disappointed that the article made it possible to sort it by several kind of criteria, but failed to include one for America’s largest mobile platform.


I keep this list bookmarked and check it out every few months. They’re doing a public service.


Surprised Lemmings didn’t make the list. It’s a surprisingly good F2P adaptation of the classic.

They point out:

  • Your favorite game’s not here? It’s possible I just wasn’t a fan, but it’s also very possible I haven’t played it. Email or tweet at me!

I’m not far through the list, still in the "c"s, but I’ve played a lot of what’s listed and don’t disagree with the choices so far. Although I had forgotten about Campfire Cooking, so I grabbed it.

(edit) I’ve seen a few listed, like Tiny Thief, that won’t work unless they are updated. Which is a shame; particularly with that one. I really liked it, and hadn’t finished it before the Apple App-pocalypse happened.

Neat! I’d heard news of a brazenly unlicensed version once, but was not aware it made an official comeback a few months ago. (Quite odd that Sony never saw fit to release the originals on GOG or Steam or whatever.)

ETA: Ah, fudge, not compatible with my modest device. (Probably a memory requirements thing.)

Kind of disappointed that Pokémon Go is on the list instead of Ingress. But Ingress is more of a community than an app. Especially now that the buggy Ingress Prime is out there to replace the original, now rebranded Scanner [REDACTED] and will go dark in September.

Actually, considering the bugs in the latest Ingress Prime release, I am not surprised. But I shall still keep up the fight, go to Mission Days and First Saturdays, and hope to visit another Anomaly.

Lots of good stuff missing there. Like any of the Ace Attorney games, Microsoft’s Solitaire (even with its F2P elements), and Song Pop all seemed to be missing.

Putting any Clash of Clans title on any “best of” list also imparts a big credibility drop for me. That said there were some interesting titles on that list that I’ll definitely be checking out.

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Any list without Kingdom Rush, a tower defense game, and sequels on it is incomplete. One of that studio’s other games is on there, Iron Marines, but I like the Kingdom series better.

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Speaking of which, have you heard that the translation patch for The Great Ace Attorney is out?

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Pleased that the “The Room” series is there. It’s my favorite.

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Android links for the main list:

80 Days -
868-HACK - not on Android
The Arcana -
Arena of Valor -
Artemis - not on Android
Banner Saga -
Beglitched - not on Android
Blackbar -
Blackbox - not on Android
Bloop -
Bounden -
Brogue - not on Android
Burly Men at Sea -
Bury Me, My Love -
Campfire Cooking - not on Android
Cinco Paus - not on Android
Clash Royale -
Corrypt - not on Android
Cosmic Express -
Dandara -
Dandy Dungeon - not on Android
Data Wing -
Desert Golfing -
Device 6 - not on Android
Downwell -
Dream Quest - not on Android
Drop7 -
Faster Than Light - not on Android
Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition -
Fingle -
Finger Tied - not on Android
The Firm -
Fortnite - This is available on Android, but you’ll need to google the unique download process.
Freeways -
Getting Over It -
Glitch Tank - not on Android
A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build -
Grayout - not on Android
Her Story -
Hearthstone -
Helix - not on Android
Helsing’s Fire - not on Android
Hidden my game by mom -
holedown -
Hoplite -
Human Resource Machine -
Hundreds -
Imbroglio - not on Android
Iron Marines -
INKS. - not on Android
Kero Blaster - not on Android
King of Dragon Pass -
Kuron and the Jelly Islands -
Lara Croft GO -
Learn Cryptic Crosswords -
Letterpress -
Lili - not on Android
Linelight -
Lost Frontier -
Lumino City -
Metamorphabet -
Mini Metro -
Monument Valley -
The Mummy: Dark Universe Story - not on Android
ねこあつめ (Neko Atsume) -
Neon Chrome -
New York Times Crossword -
Oquonie - not on Android
Osmos -
Out There: Ω Edition -
Pac-Man Championship Edition DX -
Papers, Please - not on Android
Pocket Run Pool - not on Android
Pokémon GO -
the battle of Polytopia -
Prune -
Pudding Monsters -
Rayman Adventures -
Rayman Fiesta Run -
Really Bad Chess -
Reigns: Her Majesty -
Road Not Taken -
Rolando - not on Android
The Room -
Rusty Lake Hotel -
Rymdkapsel -
Sage Solitaire -
Seabeard -
see/saw - not on Android
[the Sequence] -
Skullgirls -
Skulls of the Shogun - not on Android
Snakebird -
Sorcery! -
Space Invaders Infinity Gene -
Spaceteam -
Strategery - not on Android
SteamWorld Heist - not on Android
Subsurface Circular -
Subterfuge -
Super Hexagon -
Super Mario Run -
Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP -
Swap Sword - not on Android
Threes! -
Ticket to Earth -
Tiny Thief - ???
Tiny Wings - not on Android
TouchTone - not on Android
Triple Agent -
Triple Town -
TypeShift -
Vainglory -
Vignettes -
Warbits - not on Android
Wheels of Aurelia -
The Witness -
Words With Friends -
World of Tanks Blitz -
Yōdanji: The Roguelike -
You Must Build A Boat -
ZiGGURAT - not on Android


Spiffy! Did you do that manually, or copy it from somewhere?

(If you copied it from somewhere, is there a similar list for Steam…?)

Also, now that I think about it, The World Ends With You probably merits a slot in this list. If only it wasn’t so darn expensive.

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Manually, I just googled them all in a semi-automated way and then pulled the links.

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Well aren’t you just stellar? Thank ye :grin:

Well, Ingress didn’t have the same number of bugs as Pokemon GO, so Niantic had to add more.

I’m a pretty dedicated Pokemon Go player and I have no idea how some of the more egregious fuckups made it through beta testing.

Neko Atsume is so good. <3

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