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I’ve spent more time with Kingdom Rush than I’m willing to admit. How’s that?

Last year’s excellent Xcom Enemy Unknown, a turn-based tactical game with a strategic global layer, is on iOS, and it is easily the deepest gaming experience I’ve had on a handheld. Not cheap, at least compared to what we’re used to pay for mobile games, but worth every single penny.

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Right now I’m big into Punch Quest. It’s an endless runner with punching instead of platforming, basically. You get two buttons, Uppercut and Dash Punch, which are essentially “jump while punching” and “run faster while punching”, and you string them together into combos and dodges to punch your way through orcs, zombies, and so forth. Punching treasure chests and completing quests for a pushy gnome earns you currency that can be used to buy special abilities and character customization. There’s just enough interaction to be satisfying, and I’m surprised at how much I enjoy making up new characters with the customization (Beard + Wizard Hat = FIST WIZARD).

I’ve really enjoyed playing Star Commander (think original Star Trek type game, though there’s more ship battles than anything else). Just recently came out in Beta for Android devices (was out for iOS for a while). They are still adding more content to the game, with the final goal of having a game beefy enough to see release on PC. Even though the game is not “complete” its still loads of fun.

I’ve been playing a lot of Bloons Tower Defense 5 that I got in a Humble Bundle. Speaking of which, the current bundle is going to update with bonus games in about 40 minutes.

it’s so weird to see sword of fargoal as an iOS game. it was the first dungeon crawl i ever played on my c=64 when i was six or so. i distinctly remember being confused by there being two levels (experience and dungeon), and trying to influence the fights by mashing the fire button (they were purely statistical). the difficulty scaled not only by increasing monster level, but also by reducing the delay between monster moves; the end levels you basically had to tank your way through.

it was a very basic game (in both senses), but it had a sense of richness to it. the dungeon wall tile and sound effects had character; the monster icons were simple but evocative; the mechanics were mysterious enough (albeit mostly because it was usually pirated); and finally the musical hook was very compelling for the time. i remember booting it up a few times just to hear the music. i wonder if the portable version evokes the same atmosphere.

i remember they rebooted it as a pc game about 10 years ago with a better interface and reduced difficulty. they put a cap on how low the monster move delay can go.

They recently ported Baldur’s Gate to iOS and Android. That’s a classic game.

What an insightful iStore-related question to ask of Google’s Boing Boing community! I hope you cross-posted it to Twitter’s Boing Boing community and Facebook’s Boing Boing community. As a long-term reader of Boing Boing’s Boing Boing community, I certainly don’t feel insulted. (I don’t have an iPhone; I have a 10-year-old Nokia and sarcasm.)

What are your favorite sarcasm apps?


Bleh, edited because It makes no sense to cry over spilt milk.

I wasted a lot of time on Super Crate Box. That was fun.

Kingdom Rush is great (Kingdom Rush Frontiers is out on Android now by the way).

My favourite game right now has to be Triple Town though. I´ve been playing it constantly for three weeks now and had no desire to even play a bit of Kingdom Rush Frontiers in between, even though I had been waiting for that one.
*Triple Town´s * concept is really simple but even now I keep improving with each new game. Last time I managed to build my first floating triple castle.

Eufloria pushed my phone to its limits, but it really had me engrossed. It’s real-time strategy, only with seeds and flowers in space. The aesthetics were elegant.

Contre Jour is a sort of side-scrolling, physics puzzle game, featuring a rolling ball with an eye. I’ve seen several variations on the general game concept, but that was the one I’ve most enjoyed.

Not very fancy but I’m enjoying Spellwood as I can play it with my less hardcore gamer friends like my Mom.

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