Kingdom Rush Frontiers: the best tower defense game now free to play on Web


Pretty sure the original Kingdom Rush was free as a flash game before it was released on iOS. Either way, enjoy it as well:

Does the “stargate” at the bottom of the second map do anything but light up when you click it?

Ooooh, a sequel!

I loved the original. I even payed for the bonus “buffs.”

The art and animation and sounds were just so sweet.

I kind of went cold turkey on computer games after completing it. Maybe the sequel is a good excuse to fall off the wagon.

I thought the sequel was a HUGE let down. The game play was terribly unbalanced. One level would be excruciatingly difficult and the next would be a breeze. And the units were not as fun as in the original. I played through it then deleted it so I wouldn’t play it again. I reinstalled the original and keep playing that over and over. I found it a much bigger disappointment than PvZ2. And comparing notes with another fan here at work, he agrees. Try the web version before paying cash for the iOS version.

The original was fun until they introduced pay addons. The new levels were simply too hard unless you spent money. The sequel is that way from level 1.

I have to disagree-- I just played through without paying, and beat the final boss. Didn’t really get hung up anywhere.

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The original Kingdom Rush came out on ArmorGames several months before the iOS release. I think it set a new bar for Tower Defense games in terms of polish, fun factor and strategy.

The sequel is more challenging but just as good as the original IMO. Thanks Iron Hide for releasing the free flash version.

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