Monument Valley 2 has finally arrived

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Saw it, bought it, playing it now. One of the few games on either iOS or Android that I would pay full price for no matter what.

The new puzzle methods are challenging as well!


started watching the behind the scenes video, but couldn’t finish it. I did see the tiki figure from the first game which I now want!


One of my favorite games. Really looking forward to this.


Got it - my daughter played for a while, then went back to Monument 1 (which she’s completed numerous times!).

Don’t know quite what that says about who or what.


Argh, iOS only for now. Thanks, United.


wondering if it actually stands up against the first version for simplicity in form and function

Ditto. Waiting anxiously for this to come to Android.


I think that the puzzles were much more challenging in the original, and even though the sequel has more levels, it’s much more linear and quicker to play, and not very challenging - I finished the entire sequel in under two hours…

That being said, there are some nice new graphical touches and visual options, such as how they incorporate elements you create in the game into the graphics at the end of each level/chapter…

Well, “for now”.

But is that so surprising?

Last year United published their sales. About 75% of all sales were on iOS. Google Play and Amazon accounted for 20%.

So producing for the far smaller number of iOS users generated 3 times as much income as for the far bigger group and perhaps the platform which required more tweaks.

Pretty clear who to develop for first, though it’s getting better for Android first.


I enjoyed it but the end came WAY too soon. “Having fun? Enjoying all of this? CREDITS SUCKAH!!!”

Not surprising. I know it happens, but I also get to be disappointed: “New Monument Valley! Yeah! Wait, but not for Android yet! No!”

Also, the “Thanks, United” was a joke aimed at United Airlines and a couple folks who have taken exception to recent United bashing on the BBS. I don’t know which United you’re referring to.

Yeah, even after all this time, iOS users are much more likely to convert [to paying customer].

I meant to type Ustwo, but somehow got distracted. :slight_smile:

I blame United for that, too.

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That’s reasonable.

And here I thought it was because United sent all the Ustwo devs to the hospital and had them deported when they didn’t react fast enough to the demand that they shut off their devices for takeoff.

Wait! No! It was a joke! Not the taser, not the- AAAARGH!

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