Distract yourself with free browser games



Don’t do it! Kingdom of Loathing will consume all your free time for the next 6 months to a year!


Don’t forget Sand Castle Builder, a game based on xkcd’s Time comic. It is the self-described Dwarf Fortress of idle games.

Personally, my favorite idler is A Dark Room. It’s got the great feeling of text adventure expansiveness while doling out the dopamine like the others listed.

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Dark room is pretty fun, Candybox is ridiculously addictive…But what I came here for was Kingdom of Loathing. Its a good game if you stay out of the chat rooms. The developers occasionally update the game so it stays interesting.

Most of the mods are decent but there are a few that just ruin the chat. Bullying is common from a couple of the mods. A few of us figured out that they even go so far as to create other accounts so they can troll and bully players without having people know its a mod who should know better. Its pathetic really and it seems the other mods turn a blind eye to it. Even worse is that these mods tend to like to strut about in the newbie channel where they feel most important. Way to make a great impression guys.

A bit back Kingdom of loathing was sending emails to players that were inactive asking them to come back - I can say more than a few of us left because chat was so unpleasant. I went back a few months ago and while the game is still fun, chat remains a sad, pathetic wasteland of bullying mods.

So yeah, TLDR:; play Kingdom of Loathing - it’s fun - but stay out of chat.

This is my kind of ad.

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Hi Andrew, I’m not a bot! But I cannot figure out how to edit my post*, so I guess I’ll just have to let it die (sad face). FWIW the game is real, was featured in the UK’s Sunday Times paper, etc.

*: Every link I click takes me to someone else’s post - mine seems to have completely disappeared

Mod cleanup. Looked too much like either a bot or an auto turk generated post I’d imagine. I notice my post asking on your humanity is also gone.

I keep hoping I’ll ask after a potential spambot’s humanity and end up talking to one of the first AI… silly but still.

As for games.

Cookie Clicker is a case of something made by the devil to keep you distracted. It’s such a simple ‘game’ yet you’ll end up seeing cookie like objects everywhere afterwards.

It’s been ages since I plyed kingdom of loathing. Mostly because while it’s awesome fun and perfictly playable even on my hardware I just kinda realized I wasn’t getting anything else done.

Dark Room is awesome. Full Stop.

Edit: And to edit your posts mouse at the bottom of a post you made and look to the left of the ‘flag post’ icon and you’ll see a pencil, click that and you can edit things.

Unfortunately I was not able to actually see my own post, in order to edit it. No clicking on pencils if there is no pencil!

And back to games, in addition to the one that pays you (nameless to appease the mods, but search for “nous net”) I also lost a lot of time to cookie clicker, but have to admit my favourite was Kingdom Rush, FWIW.

“This post sponsored by the delicious caramel, chocolate and nougat inside every Milky Way®”

Doesn’t sound like any milkyway I’ve ever eaten. Caramel??

Edit: Ah, apparently the colonies have a different bar, of course. Always forget that only Americans use the internet.

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