A Dark Room: Awesome passive browser game

Play it. It is awesome.


I love this game so much.

This is surprisingly deep and interesting. Nicely done.

If you like A Dark Room, you’ll love Candy Box, which effectively invented this minimalist-turned-sprawling-ASCII-game genre.


Oh wow :slight_smile: Very much liking this.

I love Candy Box. I think you introduced me to both of these games, they’re so great. Really, I wish I had time to make one of my own.

I love Candy Box myself, too… And now doing the hard mode of it. :smiley:

I daren’t kill the tab… it says Saved - will it be there when I go back?

Yep! It saves constantly, more often than it even displays the “saving” message, in fact. You can safely close the window.

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Hurray! I can leave my work desk! :slight_smile:

It helps to leave the tab open, though. Balance your workers, then let it sit and you’ll come back to a whole bunch of resources!

It works better on most mobile devices than they suggest… so you should be able to carry it over, device to device, if you are signed in to Chrome. I’ve been watching (not so much playing yet) the game over the last few days… it’s deceptively impressive in such a subtle way. Love the concept. Major kudos to the creator(s?).

After Candybox, A Dark Room seemed much more narrative. Candybox was thematically a little goofy, but I look forward to spending time on a ‘tiny browser game’ that still manages to make me feel something, so +1 for this trend.


Interesting. Granted it’s not Nethernet, but then again… Nothing is.

Once I start playing this, I’ll never want to turn my computer off. Yay!

I meant to be focusing on this Boing Boing launch … not playing awesome text base browser games…

Candy Box rocks :heart_eyes_cat:

Beat it. Going ot want ot go back and Do More since i didn’t explore the whole map.

It’s interesting. Manages to convey a sense of post apocolyptic/post alien invasion without any real character interactions.

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That was really my favorite thing about it. So simple, yet I really enjoyed exploring the world!

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This game may also be of interest to this thread: http://game.lky.ph

Made by the creator of Candy Box for the Lucky Peach travel edition. It focuses less on the “gotta catch 'em all” mentality, and more on a mini-game structure. Hunt crabs, steer boats, solve puzzles, get fat, and die!

(Thanks to @waxpancake)