Complain about overpriced plastic dingus and a stranger will model a free 3D printable version


A few years ago, I modeled and 3D-printed myself a case for my iPod. (Pats self on back.)

The future is now, and it’s awesome.

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It’s not futuristic enough for me until it can make me a snack.


It’s a great concept, however would a 3D printed comb be as robust? Where’s the cost saving if your in the middle of another city pulling cables and it snaps. Suddenly a $45 purchase seems less expensive.

A 3D-printed comb would be as robust as you design it to be. The dimensions can be easily changed in the CAD program if desired.

One of the Amazon reviewers complained that the holes are too small for his shielded Cat6 cable. 3D printing could fix that problem in a jiffy!

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Sweet! Save $45, and all you need is a $1600 3d printer!


For the FIRST one. Now, if you sell cabling supplies, that’s about 50 cents worth of ABS. . . . sell it for, say, ten bucks, and you’re in like flint.

Mind you, I might make the inner piece with ABS, and the outer piece with PLA, , , ,but that’s just details. .

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Say, that is a nifty product your company paid to develop, Ima just steal it K?


I think you’re on the wrong board…

Assuming you don’t already have a 3D printer. A lot of hobbyists do.

Depends what you print it with, and being 3d, It’ll also be a ‘mill’-able model.

And just look at the price of computers in the 70s
Computers eh? That’ll never take off.

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it’s good to see cory also browses /r/bestof

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“Stealing” this product would likely lead to improvements, as it doesn’t look fully baked.

Can these be 3D printed?

Just the Reddit front page, really…

NASA to the rescue:


Two ways to print that. Print a mold and then cast with a soft 2 part rubber. You could also print it directly with a rubber filament. No clue as to the quality of the various rubber filament types.

The PeachyPrinter guys have been experimenting with some flexible resins for UV-curing resin printers here

[edit] URL didn’t work right the first time.

People are already printing chocolate, frosting, sugar, cheese. Anything you can extrude in air, really, if you’re careful.