Complete run of MAKE magazine on

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I have a few issues of MAKE:, and it’s a wonderful publication. This is great news.


Thank you @frauenfelder for responding to this news by encouraging fans to share the content of your wonderful magazine instead of suing for copyright infringement. Long Live MAKE:.


That’s awesome! Kinda like making it into a museum amirite?

BTW I’d love to get a license plate that read: DIWO


Subscribed early on and loved it to bits (not drill bits).


The shirt lived sister publication, “Craft” isn’ joining “Make” at


I was part of the team that launched MAKE: (a technology project magazine) and served as its editor-in-chief for 12 wonderful years. I just found out that has a searchable archive of all past MAKE: issues.

Parents are always the last to know.


This is awesome news! I have several issues but often missed a few good ones I couldn’t track down.With the geeklet fast approaching 6yo (this Saturday!) we’re heading into some serious fun-project territory!


Great! Only Vol. 65 and 66 are missing… perhaps they’ll be added later.

Also sitting on my bookshelf in my office… but not quite as searchable.

“Make” will be missed.

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I was there at the first Maker Fair - and at the last. It was a sad decline from an event that was something genuinely different - even dangerous.

In 2010, I was there to see and hear the incredibly LOUD Jet Ponies - a totally bonkers ride that was open to anyone over 18 who wanted to risk the ride:

They had a sign that said: “THIS RIDE CAN KILL YOU” in 12" high letters scrawled on what might have been a hunk of old plywood.

This same event had circus performers doing silks - over the pavement, no padding - and a great flea circus, and hot things that could hurt and heavy things that could fall and there were lots and lots of people doing stuff simply because they could.

It was - correctly - called “Burning Man for the Minivan Set” and that was not intended to be an insult. It was a refreshing departure from the societal safety cult and my family loved it.

By the last event, it had transformed almost totally into a hybrid flea market/tradeshow. There was a lot less “here, sit down, try this” and a lot more “we take Apple Pay” and hardly any “oh, be careful…that thing is on fire and moving pretty fast

It was fun while it lasted, but in the end, I think it grew past what it was - a “movement” of people who wanted to do things, not just watch them happen - and in doing so, it became untethered from the ideas that made it great in the first place.


I was at the last Maker Faire a few months ago and that was the only time I’ve been to a major Maker Faire.

I got rained on and was underwhelmed by most of it and found some of it interesting. My absolute favorite thing was definitely the steam powered orrery with cast aluminum gears and a lathe dog driving it at the top by Kinetic Steam Works

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This is great! I hope this resource doesn’t go the way of the OMNI archives :v:


This will be helpful. I see animatronics in my future.

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And… It’s gone.

I downloaded a few but would like to get the rest.

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The archive is no longer available.

The Make Magazine Archive is removed at the request of the magazine.

Activate recursion!

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Well, that’s a bummer.

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