MAKE is now on the iPad


Nice, that sounds pretty good!

Does the larger format translate into fewer pages per issue, though?

As a current subscriber, is access to the iPad version included, or will I need to subscribe to both? Oh, and I do love the larger size and the more frequent schedule!

So the magazine devoted to tinkering and open source hardware and software is publishing it in the walled garden platform. Seems ironic and sad.

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They already make a PDF available to subscribers. Is that open enough? They’ve done that for a couple of years now.

would you recommend Make magazine to someone who is very much more on the beginner side of the scale?

I would. I’ve picked up an issue for plane flights the past few years and just got a subscription over Christmas. In almost every issue there’s been something I wanted to build. I’m assuming when you mean “beginner side” you’re talking about electronics–many of the projects aren’t electronics and even the ones that are generally work for beginners.

Electronics-wise, if you can solder (which there are great videos on the Internet to teach you) a lot of these projects you can almost put together without understanding everything int he circuit. You just might have issues troubleshooting without a multimeter and patience (another ~$20 item with videos on the Internet).

I had an Electronics for Dummies I passed over to my girlfriend to get the basics when she wanted to learn. After a few weeks of reading I gave her the Make: Electronics book instead (I forgot I had it). She liked it /way/ better because it explained basic things she just had trouble grasping in just the first few pages. So if you’re looking to learn electronics, that’s where I suggest starting.

You just need to use your account number (i.e. MK******) and your zipcode for your ‘password’ and it works great.

And it’s not on Android…wow. Unbelievable.


Thanks, that worked for me!

Yeah, they just wrote back and told me my zip code is now my password as well.

Make Volume 1 and Best of Make are on Google Play, along with some other Make stuff. Presumably at some point magazine subscriptions will be available—I’m assuming O’Reilly is set up to produce ePubs.

There are fewer pages, yes. 112 pages, but we’re crammed a lot in there.

I’m heading up the effort over at MAKE to get our content onto different mediums. We are a small staff and the iPad was a simple choice (in terms of audience size and what we should focus on first). That said, I’m also focused on now getting interactive versions of MAKE into Google Play soon. Stay tuned.

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