MAD #1 is free as a Kindle e-book


Pricing information not available.

Is anyone else having trouble with this?

BTW @frauenfelder this sort of stuff is exactly why I started visiting BB regularly all those years ago!

The reviews are awesome. These penetrating insights will stay with me for hours:

I downloaded this magazine only because I use to see my brother read
it when we were teenagers. I thought it was dumb then sand still do.

This book is a good book but not what I thought it would be. I hope
the next will be better.

I understand the time frame it was written, but it is not worth your
time. You can find much better.


I was able to “buy” it… However, Kindle For PC says it’s incompatible. […]

Ah. I was able to read it using the “cloud reader” via a browser.

I got version of the MAD comics about fifteen years ago, reprinted as “Humor in a Jugular Vein.”

It’s crazy, elaborate stuff. For decades the stories were only available, in B&W and chopped up, in mass-market-paperback sized volumes. The “Jugular Vein” comics were in color, and in the original size.

I hope the Kindle version does them justice.

It’s also free (along with many other comic books) at the Comixology online store… and their wonderful Comics app for your Android device. (Probably for iPad too?)

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I get this too, maybe a Canadian thing?

Not seeing as how I’m in Japan

Japan here and not available for purchase.


Kurtzman, Wood, Elder and Davis. Utter guns.

did you try .com or I do all my kindle purchases through .com.


I think offering #1 for free is kind of a gateway drug thing. My brother and I bought the original comics for ten cents apiece; they shaped (i.e. warped) our world-view forever. Any readers of the contemporary Mad Magazine? Is it still cool and funny, or has it lost the vibe? (Its less cool competitor back in the day, Cracked, now exists as a terrific webzine at

“This title is not currently available for purchase” - also a Canadian. Boooo!

In the universe I inhabit, neither Mad #1 nor Superman #1 nor Batman #1 is available free for the Kindle at Mad #1 is not for sale at any price, and Superman and Batman go for $9.60 apiece. How do I get to your universe?

Personally, I liked the one that said the TV show was better and called the magazine “a crazy weird ripoff.”

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I saw other early issues of Mad for sale at $1.99, but not #1, so I entered it as a search term and it popped up - at $0.00 cost. I grabbed it, along with #11 for $1.99. Only Mad #1 was listed for free… Batman #1 was $1.99 and Action Comics #1 (Superman) was $.99, all for the Kindle. I just checked and nothing’s changed.

Thanks for the info, friend. My problem persists, but probably because I’m a Canadian. has always treated us like fourth-class citizens. (And is worthless, a calculated insult to all Canadians by some Canadian thief.) At least the version of MAD at Comixology works.

Bullshit. You made that up right? Please God say you made that up.

CRACKED used to be the Milhaus van Houton of kiddie humor magazines. It was earnest and tried really hard but never quite cut it. I read it (and CRAZY) but it was never up to MAD’s standards. So, it is really uncanny seeing how CRACKED has become a diabolically smart and observant webzine.

The contemporary MAD is an odd mix of recognizable classics and stuff aimed at today’s young’uns that whooshes past my ear. I simply don’t know enough about tween / teen culture to know what they’re mocking. The presence of slick ads is disconcerting.

If you want to see something uncanny: Netflix has 26 episodes of a MAD animated show that ran on Cartoon Network. It has cartoons based on Aragones and Don Martin strips that are astonishing. Also, Spy vs. Spy segments that are done by a rotating crew of animators.

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