Completely silent computer built


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Mine makes this loud grinding sound, but it’s otherwise silent.



Comments in the vein of “Green Eggs and Ham”…:grinning:


I thought it looked like this…



early prototype…


i’ve made a few quiet PCs in the past and it can be done relativly cheaply if you don’t go to the insane level this guy has mangaed to achieve, but big compromises have to be made. The main problem I’ve found is that they go out of date incredibly quickly.
High-end components are off limits because of the heat they generate and amount of power they need, so you are mostly restricted to mid-range stuff that works fine at first, but is soon not good enough for gaming or profession applications.
The coolers for these components can be bought off the shelf, but are normally only compatible with a very limited range of other components, so likely can’t be used for and upgrades and you end up having to build a new system after only a year or two


Completely silent and stealthy black. Not capable of running modern games, but I bet it draws a lot less watts to have it on 24/7. (NASA’s CubeSats are also 4"x4"x4", and in space, no one can hear your fans scream.)


“We’re not playin’ for 3-in-1 oil here.”


Holy shit that’s wonderful (if you don’t live with it!) It’s like Norwegian Black Space Heater!


My fridge used to be silent. Now it sounds like a DC-3 taking off. I’m sure there must be some kind of electronic hum coming off that thing - nothing is completely silent. Hell, I can hear lightbulbs and wall sockets - but always seem incapable of registering stuff like: “Take out the garbage” or “do the dishes”.


I don’t know, this was pretty darned silent. Unless the floppy dive was running.


I got this nifty computer in my pocket that doesn’t make a sound unless I receive a phone call.

Silent is easy. Silent while playing a AAA FPS is another story.


Beat me to it.


I never will understand this obsession with AAA FPS as the one and only thing that a “gamer” is going to want to do.

There are more great games than I will be able to play in my lifetime available that don’t require a power hungry graphics card. Hell, there are more FPS games that don’t require a power hungry graphics card than I can play in my lifetime. So they came out in 2003 or 1998. Who the fuck cares? They’re as much or more fun than the current crop of AAA shooters. So the flying gibbets lack exact anatomical accuracy. Again, who cares? They still look pretty, and they still deliver the same enjoyment, at a fraction of the cost for the game and a tiny fraction of the cost for the hardware.


I used AAA FPS as a shorthand for system load that most people can easily understand. I’m not saying anything about the value of AAA games. The point being that a silent PC isn’t something that’s hard to do these days but a silent PC that can handle a significant computing load is.
The only one here who seems obsessed on the topic of AAA FPS games is you.


I have a Fractal Design Define R5 quiet case and Corsair water cooling for the i7 chip. As long as the backup drive isn’t spinning, the machine is dead quiet even with the side of the case off.


Silent until you put it in a quiet room and start hearing the capacitors and coils whining.


A $300 streaming computer that can be built to be quiet is pretty sweet but doing the same with a gaming rig would be more really something. My desktop is loud as hell, i need to get a liquid cooling solution for my GPU. I have liquid cooling on the CPU but the graphics card really needs additional cooling to bring the noise down.