Gaming PC built into a midcentury-style desk

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Corsair’s new bulldog sff cpu cooler looks like it would be perfect for this.

The desk’s minimal, hidden design looks good, as opposed to the usual DIY gamer monstrosities.

Why do you hate Makers so? They’re doing the best they can with glitter glue and pipe cleaners. You’re just jealous you don’t have a decoupage Strawberry Shortcake casemod.


Why, god, why, would you go through all the trouble of building out a sweet desk like that and not bother to manage the fucking cabling?


I am a big fan of the ironing board workbench seen throughout both projects.

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“It’s how Don Draper would kick hookers in GTA5”

If you like this desk, don’t go to reddit and read all the things wrong with it.

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You’d want some epic fans or water cooling built into it, because that would trap a small sun’s worth of heat. Also looks like upgrading components would be rather painful.


Cleaning too!

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