Computer in a Harley gas tank


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I think I need my eyes checked: isn’t that a MacPro? the matte edition
or… wouldn’t it be more HD to have a super glossy coating?


I thought it was going to be a computer in a functional gas tank on a motorcycle, like an integrated tablet.


Being a child of bikers (real ones not weekend warrior chumps) they’d get a kick out of this especially dad.
Hell if I had the bones I’d would even consider snagging it for him.


In before comments about airflow!!!


‘Fuel-Cooled’ is a thing. Not this thing. Sad.


Harley computer? Then it will be slow and loud…


Finally, a method to put Harley parts to good use.
As my old friend Marcus used to say, “There just is no place for pre-war technology from Milwaukee in my garage. And just to be clear, I mean WW I.”


So does it come with a drip pan to keep all the oil from leaking all over your house. Also being kind of old school can I get one with a kick start?


Expected this to be a sensor that prevents the engine from starting if you use the wrong brand fuel.


And used only on Sundays by mid-life crisis suffering upper middle class gangster cosplayers.


But it’s gonna be amazing for doing the accounts!


He’s missing out.


And marked up waaaay over MSRP by the dealer.


Or if you aren’t wearing official Harley branded leathers.


Where does the oil leak out and is it made using 60’s tech, assembled in the US from foreign made parts??


Not bad, but next would be covering up the color cables with some decent sleeves or at least use a modular power supply and some custom cables (which aren’t that expensive). Also wondering why he went with that weird heat sink and not some AIO CPU block. There are a bunch of ones that work well in orange and wouldn’t be as bulky.


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