Riding around Detroit's derelict Packard plant on a homemade dirt-bike


What a perfect little film. You’ve brightened my day.

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wonderful! many years ago i had reason to drive a john deere gator all around a major abandoned manufacturing facility in CT, inside and out. great fun!

Yeah, great. Let’s celebrate the closure and abandonment of formerly great manufacturing sites by riding around them on small, obnoxious motorcycles. Sad.

Awesome! Fun! Ruin Porn FTW! Too many people in my life have been negatively affected by motorized bikes: I can never #$%@ with one…but sure looks cool.

I am planning to take a trip to Detroit especially to see the old time structures…something ‘new’ is not always ‘better’…in a world of shiny LED glass and plastic: the old things of stone and iron; broken and bereft…still have a value.

(and the last shot…great…how did they do that? Helicopter? Drone?..Higher building?)

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I am digging the new motorcycles centric Boing Boing. Thanks.

thanks for pissing in my conrnflakes, pal.

sad? sad is that particular hobby of yours.

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I am digging the new motorcycle-centric Boingboing.

Yeah, great. Let’s celebrate the closure and abandonment of formerly great internet sites by riding around them on small, obnoxious posts. Sad.


From this, and other equally enlightened comments by new commenters across multiple threads, I have to assume Boing Boing has recently caught the attention of some motivated young Turks of the Ayn Rand set, again.

Folks, If you can’t pull up a chair, turn off the caps lock, say something thoughtful, and stay a while, then just go back to stormfront or red state or wherever you came from and save us all the hassle.


If you’re going to bother making a comment, you really should try to have at least a modicum of knowledge of the subject at hand. It was not unions that killed Packard, it was piss-poor management.

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This dude used to write under the handle @NikFromNYC on here. He claims to have a degree in “Carbon Chemistry” and be knowledgeable about climate science, when in fact it’s just O-Chem.

He’s not a new commenter, merely a troll switching profiles (poorly) to try to evade detection.

As for you: I thought you said in another post that you were done with BoingBoing:

collegeresidenc said:

“Wow. BB is now so fucking lame and utterly predictable that I can finally nix it from my half dozen daily links.”

Please make it so, and stop polluting the discussion boards with your strange non-sequiturs.

oh that guy. Thank you.

Drone. They mention it in the notes.

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So, you rode a motorcycle inside someone’s home? Yes, people do live at the plant. Uncool.

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