Computer scientist/Congressman: crypto backdoors are "technologically stupid," DA is "offensive"



I can’t be the only one wondering: when can I vote for this guy in a Presidential election?


Guy was born in Taiwan, with no special ‘natural-born-american’ conditons, so probably never.

Sure is refreshing to see (A) a politician who knows something about technology and (B) a politician willing to tell a DA, slightly more politely, to STFU.


For anyone wanting to quickly see the recording:

From my quick skim through the video, there’s actually a surprising amount of good discussion of the case against backdoors in there.


Dammit. I like this guy.

Guess I’ll still be voting for Sanders.


Too many people think crypto is magical. Much of it is incredibly clever but it’s just mathematics and accessible to most people with a high school education.

Trying to control the use of encryption is like trying to control language. Is telling me not to multiply large primes together any different than telling me not to use certain words?

If I want to discuss something privately with Cory, I can ask him to meet me and we can have a private discussion face-to-face that provides no way for law enforcement to listen in. Why does everything change if I choose to have a private discussion with him over the internet?


For the same reason there were hundreds of people at the base of Mt. Everest last week: because they can.
Turning that into “cannot” is unfortunately our job. The template for doing so already exists: The Bill of Rights. Which wasn’t drafted because the authorities are naturally nice guys; it was written as it is to make their “niceness” immaterial.

Top LEOs asking us to rely on their fundamental goodness is not only technically absurd, given that vulnerable systems are vulnerable to the good and bad alike, it is antithetical to the rules under which we are supposed to operate.


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