Conan O'Brien "reviews" Cyberpunk 2077

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People like Conan, that are willing to give video games huge exposure but are really dismissive about them hurt the medium.

this game looks really, really stupid to me. It looks like every single other game, with nothing new at all, except for co-opting the name/concept of “cyberpunk”

It’s the video game equivalent of Bill Idol putting out an album called Cyberpunk…but at least he had some punk cred.


It doesn’t hurt the medium, it just hurts the feelings of people who think video games shouldn’t ever be criticized, or mocked when they have goofy things in them like a dorky pointless collar.

I really doubt anyone changes their opinions based on his negativity. Video game sales have somehow survived Conan’s decade-long foray into video game criticism.


Just want to clear out that I’m all for them being criticized or mocked, I myself do that on a daily basis. It’s just that Conan’s schtick on his clueless gamer bits just comes of as “hey, let’s laugh at these nerds” and I think it’s a really tired routine, especially this being 2021.


ok, that’s different than “hurting the medium.” He quit the “clueless gamer” series maybe because he thought the routine was tired too. Now he just produces a show where other people review/play games, and he’s mostly not even involved.


Can we stop calling bad futuristic trash like this game “cyberpunk” and go for “Neonliberal” instead?


For a medium that wants to be considered art so badly yeah, I think a white middle-aged tv host telling his viewers that all gamers are living in their mothers basements does hurt the medium. Just my dumb opinion though, I’m not that up to date with late night stuff so I could be wrong.

The medium is doing just fine last I checked.

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the whole concept of “gamers” hurts the medium

it’s as if the movie industry was focused on a narrow and insular subculture of “filmer” people

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