Gaming: Cyberpunk 2077 looks amazing


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Meh, I agree with William Gibson:

The trailer for Cyberpunk 2077 strikes me as GTA skinned-over with a generic 80s retro-future, but hey, that’s just me.

Nothing in that trailer gives a hint that’s a Cyberpunk story. It looked like an exceptionally well rendered generic 80s retro-future. It might be an enjoyable game, none one can’t tell from an exceptionally well rendered teaser cinematic.

I think we should have gotten a better feel for the story that will be told. What we were shown looks like GTA with generic Cyberpunk as marketing glossing.


CD Projekt Red finally gave us a proper gameplay trailer

But they didn’t. They showed a story cinematic, but not the actual gameplay, pedantic yes but i think it’s an important distinction because the way a game plays is more important than a crafted cinematic meant to hype the title.

I am very hopeful the game will end up being awesome, i have a lot of faith in the studio but until there’s real gameplay footage out i’m remaining cautiously optimistic.


Yeah, if they do “as good as Witcher 3, but with Cyberpunk 2020 influence vs. Witcher books influence”, it might end up being my favourite game in years.


To be fair, I don’t think Gibson knows CD Projekt Red games. They aren’t at all like GTA – if they can be compared to anyone’s, it would be Bethesda’s Eldar Scrolls – among the best of computer RPGs


Seriously – none of that appeared to be gameplay footage. Last time I checked, that explicitly meant not cinemas.


I hear it plays like Deus X (note - I haven’t played any DX games past the very first one [so blocky!]) and if so count me in. I’d love lots of story along with open world (yes those seem diametrically opposed) but just having 3 or 4 routes towards solving the same puzzle was always fun.


Doesn’t Gibson have a history of open contempt for games in general? He’s also got a long history of shitting on any and everything that gets described as cyber punk unless it’s his own work.

CD Project has recently been putting Bethesda to shame. And Bethesda’s games were never exactly narrative or character driven. CDP’s games are closer to (and have some connection to) Bioware. Dragon Age Origins and Witcher 1 are in a lot of ways very, very similar ideas expressed and fleshed out very, very differently.

ETA:Tweaked that a bit for clarity.


Seriously, i don’t think he knows what GTA looks like.
And since when is GTA a bad thing? Don’t know about you but i’d take a “grant theft” anything, be it cyborgs or horses:

and maybe they’re even cyborg horses, you don’t know, WestWorld’s not finished.


I think I agree after seeing this trailer, it’s competent but really familiar art direction.
Not bad, but bland in a strange way because really reminiscent of the genre (like fantasy can be sometime).


They gave a 40-minute press demo at E3 which, against all expectations, still hasn’t snuck out onto the wider web.

Descriptions of it sound pretty rad though.


Oh, this isn’t a table-top RPG? Shame.


On the plus side, we’re not exactly short of cyberpunk ttRPGs to cover all flavours of the genre. You ever check out Fates Worse Than Death?


not pedantic at all, there is no gameplay.


It’s based on a rather famous table top RPG.


I presume that’s part of the dig/joke. They were hoping for a new tabletop version.


I imagine if the video game is a sucess well get that. The witcher games lead to the novels being translated and released faster and in far more countries than was otherwise planned.


I’ve never played Cyberpunk but i’m definitely hopeful it leads to more from the pen & paper version. The more people are interested in role playing games the better :smiley:


Well, I think I mostly agree with folks about the looks of the game. Sort of standard for the genre, based on movies and other mass media. But… big but… it’s still different than 99% of the other 1st person RPG’s on the market today, and is single player. No more Battle Duty Call of Halo for me! Seriously, I do hope it turns out to be a good game, I’d definitely consider getting it. I’m pretty picky these days as I enter my old age.


There are visual shout-outs to CP2020 throughout the video, from the almost recreation of the pink Chromebook cover to the close similarity of their respective logos. If Mike Pondsmith doesn’t have anything to do with this project, he should be consulting his lawyer.