Conan O'Brien tokes up on his show with Seth Rogen

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Headline: Late-night talk show host does something avant-guard and breaks new barriers in television !

If Conan and say… Meryl Streep sparked up together… THAT would be a thing. But you bring on Seth Rogan or Snoop and of course a lid will be lit, they’ll talk about something nonsensical and then go to break. Coming up next, Conan tries a hover board with hilarious results ! yawn.

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He said at the end “I become Don Rickles when I smoke”, obviously joking as he isn’t a smoker. But man I hope once he leaves the corporate late-night world he becomes more Don Rickles’ like.

I feel like he was hilarious on late-night, but his tonight-show & TBS era wasn’t as entertaining. Although I did love some of the bits with people in the office, and his stand-up tour was great.

That is all to say, I feel like he was getting pretty burnt out with TBS / being a late-night host and I look forward to what he does next, which I"m hoping won’t be a talk-show host.


100% agree. My favorite thing that he does is his travel pieces and his unscripted encounters with people during them. His improvs during those travel pieces are always rewarding. The talk show format is sooo tired. Who cares that another minor celebrity has written a book or has a new movie to contractually promote?


Sadly he no inhale the bulk of the collection. But perhaps someone will take this up as the thesis for their dissertation. Perhaps there must’ve been a morsel inhaled during his drag. Or perhaps it was all a ruse to perpetuate that he remains forever an adorable amateur.

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I’m told that after I leave, that’s when the party really gets going. I must be leaving too early!


I’m smoking weed, Right Now!


Conan barely inhaled

He’s busy hosting the show! Jesus take the wheel!


No Dude, he’s wasted!


Exactly, the truth is that celebrities are usually vapid. Once his show became celebrities only, it went downhill fast.

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You should listen to his podcast. The intro and outro sections are often hilarious. I don’t care for celebrity interviews, I only started listening because Matt Gourley got the job as on-air producer and I have been a fan of his work for over a decade. I often even skip the main interview part of the podcast but the rest is worth listening to, even if you’re not into the Holywood celebrity world.

It’s certainly not the squeaky clean world of corporate late night, considering they have invented segments such as “big dick history”…

I do think he’s far better off the cuff, and he’s really not great at the standard interview in that he doesn’t really try to disguise the transparently obvious setups for guests’ anecdotes.

I really admired that the guy started out… not very good, but he got better and better. He got shafted on the Tonight Show but, like Letterman, wasn’t a good fit for it anyway (thought Letterman lost his edge after he went to CBS and the earlier time slot). Both of them were more entertaining when the shows had a certain vibe of “we can screw around because we’re on this ridiculously late time slot when no one is watching anyway”.

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would like to see these guys vaping. They want their lungs to be pink when they fry them.

Me too! Cheers, mate!

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Guess it’s up to me to pick the low hanging fruit.

Pity it wasn’t a bong then it would be a ‘cone’ for O’brien!

Oh… there’s the exit

I’ll have to check the podcast out!

Yeah on late night there were classics like the masturbating bear, I mostly meant TBS era. Still even in the late-night era it was largely others around him (although I’m sure as a writer some ideas could have been his as well). That all being said, I hope he becomes a little less guarded in his future comedic endeavors.

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