Now online: The entire first episode of 'Late Night With Conan O’Brien'

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They should show this to every struggling artist with potential who isn’t happy with how their initial projects turn out. Because holy cow did this leave some room for improvement.

It’s like watching the first episode of the Simpsons. I…guess there are things resembling jokes there, and when you compare it to Marge vs. The Monorail you see how everything evolved, but oof it’s a tough watch at times.


I just hated him at first. I didn’t know the words “white privilege,” I just felt it in my belly. (I also held him personally responsible for killing Letterman.)

I was wrong. Conan rocks.

In college I knew a fellow who was a distant relative of Willian FBuckley, and looked and sounded just like him, but 20. I had a bad first impression there, too, for the same reason. He turned out to be a great guy.


I remember at the time when he first started out that it was a little rough but within a few years he was my fave of the late nighters (previously occupied by Dave, but I didn’t care for him nearly as much after the switch to CBS/11:30).

I still find him to be a less-than-stellar interviewer (it’s just super obvious when he’s following the script to set up the interviewee for a pre-determined story), but he still has my sense of humor’s number.


This is really cool, especially the news that the full archive of the show is going to be posted in the future.

Now if only Letterman could do the same. I was really bummed out that shortly after he retired at CBS that everything that his show had ever posted to YouTube was deleted. There were some fantastic musical performances, among other great stuff, that have now vanished into the ether.


did John Goodman ever trade that medal for some cheap scotch?


I love Conan. And look at his writing staff!

Oh wait, look at his writing staff…I think there might be a problem with the guy who plays the appletree in this episode (@24m47s).

ETA: In case it’s not clear, I’m talking about Louis C.K.. Just thought y’all might like to be aware of that.

I never really enjoyed Conan except some ComiCon stuff/

CraigyFerg was always my late late go to guy.

One word: Amsterdam.


I remember this episode! I think there was some leg wrestling, and a really awkward introduction of Andy Richter. Otherwise I thought it wasn’t too bad. Have to watch it again now :slight_smile:

Didn’t he loose his freakishly long legs in the War of 2012 or something?

I regularly think of the opening to this episode from when it first aired. This was genius and functional comedy. Yeah, he needed to grow into being a host, but could there be a better way to pop the unbelievable expectations of following up David Letterman? I’m not a regular Conan watcher now, but I respected him greatly for this.


Hope they release the “in the year 2000” episode!

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