Concentric circles, not a spiral


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It’s literally painful to perceive the circles.


Yeah, takes a lot of work.


hiss It burns us…


The black/white pattern on the circles seems to be the big driver here: if you convert it into monochrome the illusion is still there, though not as persistent.


Close one eye and squint the open one until it gets a little blurry, then you can see they’re clearly circles and then wonder why you put so much effort into seeing them and then wonder why you bothered to write a comment telling others how to spend their effort to see them as well and then you realize that the circles are a mental virus and this is the method by which they spread!!!


I see Late Stage Capitalism and I just can’t stop that downward spiral motion.



Damn you!

swallows handful of ibuprofen


I think it’s those 45-degree-rotated 2x2 checkerboards that are actually driving the illusion. Take those out and it should just look like patterned concentric circles.


Really? I just unfocus slightly, and there they are. Pretend you’re looking at a christmas tree after too many eggnogs… relax your head instead of tightening it.

Maybe it’s just me, I dunno.


Don’t believe the hype! It’s a spiral!


… it’s just you.


ETA: coincidentally, that emoticon was almost exactly my facial expression while trying to pick out the circles.


Someone should print it out and then spin it, and tell us what it does to their brain.


It’s sort of fun to alternate the spiral pitch direction:


I didn’t actually need anything else for my brain to argue with me about, thanks.


I tried that, and the next thing I knew it was 4 hours later and I was barking like a chicken in front of a carnival audience.


I’d go one step further and just say it’s literally painful to perceive.


You’re evil!

Well done.


I think you might have a few more years of practice at this than many of us.