Congress (led by Dems) about to ban free IRS electronic filing

lobbyists win again and Dem oversight meaningless when they are taking the money


what hits me the hardest about this is that one of my living heroes, rep. john lewis of georgia, is backing this awful cause. that part makes me hurt a little.


I’ve just looked over the bill, here:

and I can’t find the restrictions the propublica article mentions. The bill explicitly retains current online systems:

shall continue to make available
6 to all taxpayers (without regard to income) a basic,
7 online electronic fillable forms utility

…and continues the “Free File Program” (where commercial software is provided free to the bottom 70% of all taxpayers), but I don’t see anywhere where the IRS is prohibited from developing competing software in-house.

Is there some independent verification out there of the propublica interpretation?

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“The road to hell is paved with good intentions”.

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